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Originally Posted by kimmym
The FE's do feel a little long. I was in Drozana station for what, 3-4 whole missions for the devidians? Of Bajor and Cold Comfort were both totally meh for me. I can't remember if there was a filler episode in the Reman line.

I could use more STF's if they felt more like the shuttle event. The current ones are getting pretty boring. The shuttle event has a flow. Your moving thru something. The current space STF's just don't have quite the same feel. Space, BTW, I'm not a big ground player.
I'd say "Frozen" feels a bit padded for Cloaked Intentions. Then again, for all intents and purposes, Coliseum is two missions. And they still cut over an hour of planned storyline there. (IMHO, Coliseum could stand to be split up somehow. I get why they didn't but I can think of ways that could have been done.)
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Originally Posted by Leviathan99
I actually think that's where the potential for surprise comes in with the Engineering Reports: what the 20 new employees are doing.
Shopping for more cups no doubt .

It is interesting to note however the difference in PR approach between Cryptic's owners .
Under one owner there was this chaotic hype for the upcoming seasons .

Then came the F2P release (under PW) that they slapped the term "Season 5" on (in the last minute) -- however , during that time we got a VERY controlled PR with D'Angelo's blogs , that often released info on things that were about to hit Tribble the same week .
(no long term stuff at all)
Interestingly enough , back then our interpretation was that this was due to ... D'Angelo's "closed" personality .

Yet now , under the same new owner , and a vastly different EP , we get almost the same type of staggered and controlled info release .
Without putting forth any wild speculation as to why that is -- I just thought to note the difference between our experiences with Cryptic over the years , and with the pattern being developed between Seasons 5 & 6 , I think we're getting a picture (or lack there of) of what kind of controlled PR we can look forward to in future Season releases .

We loves you Iron Curtain .... , we really do .
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Originally Posted by Pendra80 View Post
Engineering report 2012 June:

Under development
- Fleet starbases
- Tholian FE
- Klingon content
- Remastering new episodes
- GPL update
- Further lockboxes
- Additional Lobi items

In design discussion
- Referral program
- Exploration revamp
- Territory control
- More PVP maps
- Kit customization
- Improved crafting
- Ambassador class
- Andorian cruiser
- Hair tech
- More minigames
- Better sector space
- New daily events
- STF: The Hive
- Androids, Aenar, Talaxian, Hologram species
- Converting First Officer to Playable Captain
- Content on Andoria and Risa


If something, you want badly, is not on the list it doesn't mean we don't work on it. We are totally working on it or talking about it, just forgot to add.

Every Engineering report held about the same amount of truth as this one.

hahahaha I'm sorry now that's funny

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