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06-04-2012, 12:29 PM
Originally Posted by saltypineapple
Looking at my accolades and I've now completed 118 normal and elite space STFs, of that about half 40% were elites and mostly ISE and KASE. I just ran all three; ISE (optional completed) gave me in my personal loot container 2 rare borg salvage and a rare shield tech, KASE (optional failed) game me my first prototype deflector tech, and CSE (optional failed) gave me 2 rare borg salvage.

What I noticed was that in ISE, I didn't die and was dishing out the dps. KASE, I died once but my team died a lot more and I was dishing out a heaping amount of dps. CSE, I pulled guard duty so I didn't dish out the dps but I didn't die. Don't know if this was a coincidence or a pattern but my loot was far more rewarding than normal and I'm leaning more toward how well you do among your team which determines the greater your reward.
i would disagree with that assessment, only because there is no way to know how much DPS you're putting out relative to the rest of your team. that is something that should be implemented though.

right now, were kind of guessing on if we dished out the most dps or not (you can say escort a put out more than sci vessel b- but what about escort vs escort? cant distinguish).

and the thing about dying- i tend to agree with you, but ive also seen STF's where the person who died most also go the proto tech at the end. that could also be the exception, not the rule so im not sure.

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