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# 1 Silly but cool request
06-04-2012, 11:54 AM
I don't know if this is the right forum to make a wish but here goes.

I would like the ability to bring more then one of my ships on a mission. I am a vice Admirial with a army of Commander rank bridge officers. More then I will ever use. If there was a way to assign my bridge commanders to another ship appropriate for their rank, then I could have a small personal task force to take on my solo missions.

How it could work

1. Bridge officers could only be assigned ships that are player useable and are the same rank or lower then the bridge offier. This would prevent players having too easy of a time with a fleet of T5 Ships. The flag ship would be at the level of the player the attendant fleet would be at the level of the officers.

2. All of the birdge officer's abilities will be useable as if the the ship had a bonus universal commander Station, the the remaining stations would remain left at the ships normal restriction.

3. Attendant ships should only be useable on normal missions. They should never be used in Task Force, Fleet engagements, or special missions that have unique requirements(Shuttle/Special Ship). If the player joins a group, any unused slots in the group could be filled by the group leader's attendant fleet.

4. Mission difficulty would need to be increased to compensate. However being able to bring a personal task force on solo missions would make life more enjoyable.

5. "Visit bridge" should give you the option of which bridge to visit. If visiting one of the attendant ships, the bridge officer selected to command the ship would be sitting in the captain's chair. There should be no difference in duty officer mission selections .

6. A new set of personal missions could be created to send one of your crewed ships with Duty Officers to conduct long duration missions for better rewards(3days - 1 week). Critical failure should launch a side mission to rescue or investigate what happened to your ship and their crew.
-E.G. Deep analysis of quantum wave flux in Gama Ornais quadrant:
Slot 1: Success; Science vessel, Critical Success; Rank Commander, Faliure; Engineering Vessel, Tactical Vessel Critical Failure; Rank Ensign
Slot 2: Success; Bridge officer Science, Critical Success; Rank Commander, Failure Bridge Officer Engineer, Bridge Officer Tactical, Critical Failure; Rank Ensign
Slot 3-6: Various Science Duty Officers.

This would give ship collectors, like me, a reason for stockpiling vessels, upgrading their systems and buying additional ship slots if needed. Infact I would buy more ship and bridge officer slots if this feature was in game. Imagine the fun the players would have storming one of their own ships to resuce the crew from the borg, or freeing one of your own ships from a giant space entity.
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# 2
06-04-2012, 12:30 PM
Yes, we've all wanted to have our own private fleets of ships for quite some time but this is a OMG - online multiplayer game - and we're supposed to, you know, play online with other PEOPLE.

Maybe they can roll into the DOff system different missions which require you to give your DOffs the use of one of your ships.
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# 3
06-04-2012, 01:04 PM
Yeah this may be a MMO but in solo missions, I beam down with 4 NPC's, why not do the same in space combat, why not give our obsolete vessels a new lease on life?
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# 4
06-04-2012, 01:25 PM
This idea pops up frequently and has been ignored by the Devs every time.

Personally, I love the idea but I'm not going to hold my breath for it.

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