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Everyone always requests new ships or new skills or any countless other things be added to the game. Instead of any of these common things being added I'm asking that the terrain I designed be considered for creation and entry in to the foundry.

Unfortunately I don't have access to 3D studio max or any other high end program that could convert a 3D model into an acceptable format, so instead I've created it with Google Sketchup. Instead of trying to take a bunch of 2D photos and still missing areas I'm going to link to the 3D model and a free program to view it. After I post the links I'll also give a brief summary and point of interest.

The 3D Terrain model

The free Program needed to view model

*Both Software informer and my Webhost have active antivirus and both files are 100% clean.

1) The outer dark green area is supposed to be a thick forest of Earth type trees.

2) The wood fences are meant to be a graphical boarder where the invisible walls should be preventing the player from going in the water or jumping off the cliff into a map void.

3) The cliff plateau is meant to be large enough to fit the 2 story larger Vulcan monastery buildings from the P'jem map.

4) The light green area is a walkable flat grassy clearing

5) The Water is supposed to be part of a lake.

6) There is a fountain along the outer edge of the stairs.

7) Not knowing the map scale in game I focused on the main area. If the map can be larger than my example them it should be expanded along the southern edge with more trees and clearing....possibly and preferably also a steam with a small clearing.

8) map would be for day and night

There is a very long list of examples for what this map could be used for, but wanting to save some of those for myself I'm not going to list them here. Think Halloween and the Crazy Hologram from the mission "What lies beneath"

If there is need for 2d photos please ask me and I'll send them via e-mail. I have very limited bandwidth and space on my webs account and that is for my fleet website primarily.

Please feel free to comment on what you think of this terrain and idea. I'm especially interested to hear what Foundry authors think of it and their possibly ideas for it.

To any Devs that might read this: I'm sorry I couldn't present this in a more compatible version, but I thought to properly convey this suggestion a 3D model presentation was necessary.

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