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I've just jumped on board my new B'Rel and got my rear ended handed to me on a plate. I was looking at going with the following for weapons load out:

Fore: 1x MkXI Dual Heavy Cannon, 1x Breen Cluster Torpedo and 2x Rapid Fire Transphasic Torpedo
Aft: 1x Bio-neural Warhead and 1x Har'peng launcher

As for consoles was going to look at hull resist and of course buffs to torpedo damage. Only thing left are the BOFF powers. Now I've never used mines before so am unfamiliar with the attack patterns etc that may alter the stats for them.

If any experienced BoP captains could drop a message and give me your recommendations I would appreciate it .

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06-05-2012, 06:04 AM
weapons... the dhcs are pointless on a b'rel. why decloak, or waste a slot with a single gun? what are you going to with that gun? hang around and wait for cloak to cool down?

sometimes, I used a dbb or dhc in a non-b'rel torpedo bop, but the b'rel isn't really meant to be under the guns... and less so than the hegh'ta, even.

also, I don't understand buffing the worst part of a bop. no amount of armor makes you durable, though it may make you feel safer. I think turn rate, which amplifies our fast turn more than cruiser slow turn rate, is something that plays into our strength.

running a bird of prey is not like a cruiser. I feel as if I run better when I am on the edge rather than playing safe. be extreme, run it hard on the knife's edge.

as for boffs, it depends on you. torpedo dps, sci... these mesh well with the enhanced battle cloak.

oh, torpedoes. you need quantum torpedoes. photons can also work. the two rapid fire transphasics will have cool down issues when you run them both. diversify your torpedo load.
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06-05-2012, 06:26 AM
Here's a nice thread to read through if you've missed it.

But to keep it short, you're going to want science powers. torpedo buffs cap out at lt cmdr slot. So its likely that you'll be able to go with commander science, lt cmdr tactical, and whatever the cool kids recommend for the remainder. The basic concept is that you'll be disabling them horribly possibly even dropping shields with some awesome science ability and then pummeling them with torpedoes and mines. Something like that anyways. You are wanting to avoid triggering the standard battle cloak cool down. That will happen if you fire off energy weapons. So you want to stay inside enhanced battle cloak. That is what catlike is referring to.

Happy reading!

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