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06-05-2012, 08:32 PM
Originally Posted by naz1911 View Post
Think I might hang my phasers up soon.

The saying "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a new out come is bordering on insanity" is starting to describe me.
The amount of trust I had in cryptic saying to the effect "promise we'll get round to pvp soon" and not seeing anything materialise is a running joke now. Just look at Mav's forum signature of broken promises.

Hopes were high for me when Cryptic stated that fleet bases will have pvp elements to it. Now "later". Sound familiar? Mav get ready to add to the list of broken promises.

I really do feel that pvp will be dropped from STO. Cryptic are just leading us on to try and milk the last bit out of us.

The systems team don't know what they are doing. Sci resists - what a screw up. Made the sci toon about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. Unbeatable scenario on tribble - what a joke it is. I bet they were thinking, "but the numbers on my screen say no one can do it."

Gozer can add all the pvp content he wants, but if the systems team carry on screwing things up, what's the point? Gozer, good luck to ya buddy. Feels like you'll be truly against it.

Is there a big rift between the various teams at Cryptic? I dunno. Sure feels like it.

Cryptic, why do you think pvp is failing and then saying no one really plays that part of the game? Thought of the answer yet? Let me tell you. You spent hardly no resources on it since STO was released.

Almost come to same drastic conclusion as someone else did recently. The systems team needs putting it politely, sacking! Then we might have a chance. Systems guys, have you ever pvp'ed to see the "fruits" (more like lack of) of your labour?

For the rest of you guys, enjoy the table top Orion dancers at Drozana. That's about as much pvp action you'll get in the foreseeable future.

Even Jupiter Force has stopped airing STOked. Sign of things to come for STO?

Question is do I wanna carry on my STO subscription? I really don't want to stop it but way things are going,
Soon gonna terminate my monthly subscription. Way to go Cryptic.
Jeez my god wow. Why so depressed man. I was thinking about buying a LTS for 199$ or like 165 euro for me. I will stick with this game no matter what.

Sorry but constnatly putting all this negative stuff on the pvp forums wont really help matters.
If ur so pessimistic u might try and leave the game right now.

Im not saying that i wouldnt want pvp in this game to improve, because i think we all want that. But again the so maniest post about the exact same subject, cryptic knows it by now. and this post wont make a 0.000001% difference to that.

Sorry, im still having fun in this game. Not much, and its mostly short lived. but its still there. Thats also because there is still hope left. but by all means, continue this negativity. If i had 0% fun in this game i would probably bail out again right now.

I think u need some more milk buddy.



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