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06-05-2012, 10:43 PM
The only thing holding back my original rage of this caitian ship is that it was a C-store carrier that wasn't as good as the KDF ones. A valid point too is the vorcha isn't a c-store ship but its a half baked copy of the excelsior which is a better ship than the vorcha. Same thing applies here you get something not as good but a runner up prize for not having something somewhat comparable.

Although the BoP is a raider on how it is designed. The gripe I still do have about pets is it was stated they would be designed to divide out the power they lost from the third spawn/wave but instead what we recieved was that our pets total/maximum spawning are not even as strong as the old pre season 4 pets alone. So pretty much if we had one pet deployed before season 4 it was stronger then than a whole fleet of what we have now. I just do not know if the devs do not know how to fix the problem with this or if it was intentional to where the energy weapons on them barely do any damage where as their damage is based on the majority by the projectiles that they use.

Also the AI they had before season 4 was just fine but you can't tell people in this day and age not to fix something when its not broken and then when it is broken you cannot get them to fix it.

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