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06-02-2012, 02:34 AM
Originally Posted by omniusexor
This is my build:

With 8x XII antiborg disruptor beams

3set Assimilated tec + Honor guard XII shield
Eng : 3x Electroceramic Hull Plating
Sci : field gen + emitter

The DPS is just enough to guard 1 gate with 5 probes spawning on Khitomer elite, but the defence is enough to tank any elite gate during the whole match. Timing is essential! the cheating Borg lowers the shield to zero just 200 ms before the 63k torpedo impacts. so keep a finger on the reverse shield skill.
I really wouldn't want to use that layout, it seems to ignore most of the standard tanking conventions in this game. For starters it's got Extend Shields which doesn't help you tank. And running 3 teams just blocks the cooldowns of the others.

With only a single EPtS you can't keep a 100% uptime on the shield resist buff that makes EPtS so good. As Torpedoes are Kinetic RSP does nothing to help you from them.

Switching out your 3 Electroceramic Hull Plating for Neutronium will help you far more as the combined 54 to everything helps against the Torpedoes and Anti Proton beams the Borg use. I can understand the temptation of the 105 vs Plasma but I think that far exceeds the cap.

Also how do you deal with the drain from 8 beams? Because if you don't 6 beams will actually do more DPS and a Trico Torpedo front and rear can be a fantastic diversion the few times your nose or aft are lined up.
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06-04-2012, 04:04 AM
I concepted this build rather as STF tank/supporter, as then a pure tank, hence the extend shield skill.
The energy drain is the same as on escort with full Cannon mounts, it goes rarely under 80, i can live with that. On fire at will the W-batterie punch in and compensate for it.
To torpedos, Yes. this will help in do more average dps. but i like to keep it simple (and i spend ZERO points in kinetic damage skills)
Shure, this build will not win a PvP price.
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06-06-2012, 06:33 AM
I kind of like the fore 2 x turret, 2x dual beam bank, aft 4x beam array setup. You have bite on the broadside, coverage for beam overloads, and good forward/aft firepower.

you could also swap in dual cannons if you run the phased polaron or plasma disruptor hybrids.

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