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06-07-2012, 10:59 AM
I think cryptic could create an Instance where there was open PvP which involved taking or liberating systems, this could be a mixture of direct PvP which actaylly involved an objective similar to capture and hold.

You would basically travell from one system to another, if you entered as a team then you all spawn at the same point in the system, the spawn points should ramdomly change so eithe klink or fed cannot camp the points. Either side would have to acchieve the objective to gain the system, however one way to stop the opposition achieving that goal is to destroy the other! Once the system is taken defnse platforms even a base can be established. The system cannot be retaken for a time period (could be 24hours) once all the systems or the majority of the system are under the control of one faction they win and the instance could be reset. It could even be done on a monthly basis.

When you enter a system you do it at your peril you will not know who is in there friend or foe unless they are in comms with you. alimit could be set say like upto a max of 10 for each faction also if you enter you can leave by getting to the edge of the map if you can make it.

Once destroyed then maybe you should end up at the nearest starbase so it will take time to get back to where the action is that would be a fitting penalty for Death.

A combination of space and ground action could be incorperated into the action, so to take a world maybe to get to the planet and beam down you have to get past enemy ships but they might have players already on the planet just incase thier fleet is destroyed.

Can you come up with somthing like this Cryptic? would this make PvP epic?

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