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Defying Gravity, I say old it came out and was cancelled in 2009.
It's actually quite good, I'm about 8 episodes in so nearing the end and I know it'll end without most of its questions answered but hey. I consider being able to get through the pilot a sign I might like the show unlike Alphas which was so bad I barely got halfway through the pilot.
The main reason I looked up DG was because it has Ty Olsson in it, I love that guy I think he's a great actor and has guest starred in so much stuff I've seen. Also the first officer in my fanfics is based on him so it's been very helpful for characterisation.
Anyway my point is, here is a space-based show based around exploration but focusing on the human elements....that's nearly Trek in all but name. Makes me wonder could Trek survive in modern TV or will it be watched purely for the name recognition?

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