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First forgive is this has been discussed, as I am positive it has, in another thread. But I couldn't find it.

So people are always talking about DPS, how to get more DPS. Well being a follower at heart, this weekend after two years of thinking I was doing everything the right way, I went out and downloaded a DPS parser (CombatLogParser) so I could prove to myself my total awesomeness.

um, yeah... well...

So last night I run it for the first time after logging a couple runs through infected space and low and behold, guess what I see. I friggin blow, man. My DPS was down around 1600, like in one run I was a thousand less than the next guy up.

So I drastically changed my tactics. No more saving my weapons batteries for special occasions, they are ready, they get clicked. Everything is on autofire now (I have verified I can control the torpedos enough so I don't blow the generators early). I watch my buffs and skills and use them early and often. The end result is about a 30% increase in my DPS. I'm now consistantly hitting 2300-2400. Of course there are usually a couple of death dealing ninjas sitting around 3400 that completely emasculate me when I read the chart.

But anyway, all that is just to ask. What number is considered 'good' for a cruiser? yeah yeah, I know, we aren't supposed to worry about the numbers we put up, we are there to fly out front, get our teeth kicked in while the fighter jocks sit back 9.7km away at 0 throttle and play turret with rapid fire/scatter volley, giggling 'pew-pew' to themselves. But really, we all know we like to compare our sizes. So, numbers... please. What number is 'good' for a cruiser?

Oh, on a side note. I just did infected before I posted this. We had one of those 'all knowing' types that was really annoying as he tried to direct every minor detail of the run. His DPS (in an escort)... 866.01. hehehe.

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