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# 1 Weapons Proc Suggestions
06-09-2012, 11:46 PM
We had a great discussion tonight about potential weapons proc adjustments. These would make the game a bit simpler for new players to understand and add more of a balanced feel. Basically add choice to the game.

Disruptors - no change (hull debuff)

Polaron - Energy level debuff or maybe a chance to drop a random subsystem's power to 25/50?

Plasma - DoT proc tuned a bit to level or increased to scale with weapons power/aux

Phaser - Reduce the current proc to a chance to disable weapons only

Tetryon - 10-20% shield resistance debuff (scale with skill)

Antiproton - No change (crit)

As you can see, the goal is to keep the same feel but make the choices more consistent and a bit easier to deal with both in PVE and PVP scenarios.

Feel free to post thoughts or suggestions.

- Clintsat
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 2 You Got My Vote!
06-10-2012, 02:22 AM
Yup. The Phaser proc is completely absurd. 90% of the PvP population uses Phasers for the proc ONLY. I hope you are paying attention Gozer! Run a statistic on the back end. If 90% of the pvp population is using Phasers then obviously something is making it more attractive than the other 5 weapon type procs when it comes to PvP. And this is a sure sign that either the other 5 weapon types/procs suck OR the Phaser is OP.

In my opinion the Phaser proc isn't overpowered as much as it is over performing relative to the other weapons procs. I mean which sounds more attractive? Disabling an entire subsystem for 5 seconds or minus 162 all shield facings on a 15k shield? Gozer do something please!!

-Captain Shift-

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