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I recently had the pleasure to review "Audacious Accusations" where they had a room full of people and one transports you to the next map. I got to thinking about this and was curious how you could or can do the following;

Have the option to speak with 7 or 8 people in a room (map) and then the last character you speak with sends you to the next map. If you do a "complete all", you get stuck talking to all the people. I tried this layout but it had weird effects (as usual);
Enter Map
Complete ALL
Talk to Sue |----------------------| Talk to stranger
Talk to Bob |----------------------| Next Map
Talk to Fred
Talk to Joe
Next Map
End Complete ALL
So basically You talk to Sue, Bob, Fred and Joe then go to the next map or you talk to the stranger and go but not both. When you place the map at the bottom you are stuck talking to everyone. Mission impossible?

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