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From what I can tell (before I joined STO) there was the functionality to have STO Tweet updates to your Twitter account - the functionality UI can still be accessed (although not useable) by typeing /twitter in the chat window.

Can this be re-enabled?
It would be a good way to promote the the game.
Tweets could be made when completing accolades, levels, missions and more.

It would also be good if the tech could be extended for Fleets.
Many Fleets have their own Twitter account. STO could automattically tweet when donations are made, projects are started/finished, when someone joins the fleet, MOTD is changed etc.

Having this re-enabled would allow players to promote themselves and their Fleet to the real world with ease.

So my questions are:
* Is this possible?
* Was there a reason the soical media aspect was removed?
* To re-enable the UI, could the original tech be used, or does it have to be re-coded?
* What are other peoples thoughts on this?

LLAP =/\=

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