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# 1 Dreadnought Cruiser build
06-10-2012, 01:05 PM
Hi guys.

So a while back I was umming and ahhing about the Galaxy-X. Well, I got it! She's sitting pretty in spacedock, waiting to be set up. What combinations of weapons and officers do people use? At the moment I'm running:

1 dual heavy cannon (antiproton [Borg] mk XI)
2 beam arrays (Phaser [Borg] XI and and antiproton [Borg] mk XII) <-- I'm thinking of switching to phasers for this so I can console up and thus bump up the lance as well. Does that work?
1 torpedo launcher (Quantum [Borg] mk XI)

3 beam arrays (3 x Antiproton [Borg] Mk XI)
1 Torpedo (Quantum [Borg] Mk XI)

Officer Slots:
Tactical Lt.: Beam Overload I & Torpedo Spread II
Tactical Ens.: Tactical Team I
Engineering Cmdr.: Emergency Power to Shields I; Engineering Team II; Extend Shields II; Auxiliary Power to the SI field III
Engineering Lt. Cmdr.: Emergency Power to Shields I; Engineering Team II; Reverse Shield Polarity II
Science Lt.: Polarise Hull I; Tractor Beam II

Also running Maco XI set.

Any improvements and suggestions gratefully received!
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06-10-2012, 01:46 PM
antiproton is allready not perfect, since the lance dmg output will go up with pahser relays phasers are the optimal choice for dreadnought

i would also use an AUX to dampeners to turn faster when equipping a dual cannon...low cd, and a kinetic dmg resist on top...replace it for one engi team.
get also rid of the extend shields...get a emergency power to weapon for it.

also get a TSS and HE for sci abilities.

with that ship, i would go single phaser cannons+turrets and get a rapid fire 1 and a torp spread 1
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06-10-2012, 02:05 PM
Swap the DHC for a DBB. Its not like you have turning anyways so the wider fire arc helps, and you can use it with the BO when the lance is on cooldown.

Also 2 ET2s? Maybe drop them and replace the RSP for ET3, and slot a Maintenance Engineer to boost the cooldown? Then you could do paired EPTS2 and EPTW1, up your damage and still be a good team healer.

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