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06-11-2012, 06:23 AM
Did a good batch of ESTFs over the weekend.

Bad News: I STILL need my MkXII KHG Armor... >.<

Good News: I've finally managed to grab my MKXII Weapon Tech.

Hurrah! I'm slightly disappointed now though, since my Klink Sci won't be tanking Armek any more - after all that practice I was beginning to get it down to a fine art... but at least I've finally managed to get my tactics down well enough to solo an Elite Tac Drone...

I also found out that my latest Kar'fi build can take out an entire KASE side (cubes, transformers, gate whilst ALSO killing the probes) solo in less time than four other failboats could. I'm still not sure if that one was a really really good run or a really really bad run!!

In a later attempt I had a helper on my side doing probe duty which left my Kar'fi free to just kill stuff. It got ridiculous. I ended up soloing both transformers and the gate, then flying over to the far side, helping the other three ships kill the Sphere/Probe spawn, soloing ANOTHER transformer and then helping the rest kill the second gate whilst dealing with the Sphere/Probes as they popped out. We got the optional.

My most memorable STF experience of the weekend though was Fedside. I got a very random comment along the lines of "RIPSTAR... YOU ROCK, I LOVE YOU MAN!!!" in KASE teamchat. (Ripstar being my Federation Tac Captain who was flying a Nebula Retrofit at the time) I was slightly incredulous given that I had already managed to die once that mission due to a badly timed Gate torpedo shot... but it seemed that the guy who'd assumed probe duty on my side of the map simply wasn't used to seeing a Science vessel that could kill stuff. For my part, I was just thankful to find someone who could handle three probes at a time. He kept killing probes, I killed the rest. Our side's Cubes/Transformers/Gate died, and we made it over to the other side in time to help secure the optional.

And I ended up tanking Donata.
Always fun.

I maintain that the solution to putting up with rainbow boats in ISE or KASE is to build a ship that can basically solo the entire mission. My Nebula may be slower than the Kar'fi, but it gets the job done.
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06-11-2012, 01:09 PM
Queued up ISE and was put into an existing team, I have to say I am really sick of this happening. Option was gone, only three other players on the team. They were struggling with the spheres on the left transformer.

I help them clean up the spheres and we get the trans down. We move onto the other side and go to work on the cube. Now we are only three because one team member has parked at the bottom of the gate and is shooting at it.

We actually take down the cube fairly fast and get all the gens to ten percent. We blow the gens and kill the trans.

This is where it really falls apart. The person at the bottom of the gate was drawing allot of the spheres, than another person uses their repulsers to push the rest of the spheres to the gate. Now we have about 6-7 spheres right on the gate and of course the cube also get's drawn to the gate.

It was a blood bath battling all the spheres, the gate, and the cube. Another person drops out, there are only three of us now. Manage to clean up the spheres and kill the gate.

Now the three of us try the tact cube. I'm a tact in a fleet escort and do pretty good damage. Another is a sci in a adv escort and they seem to do decent damage. The last is a tact in the star cruiser with rainbow beams, they are doing no damage to the point where the cube doesn't even pay attention to them. I actually parked and watched as their attacks were all around 19, 25, 7, 18.

The cube is a struggle, whenever myself or sciscort make a run on the cube it immediately focuses all fire on to us. We are all struggling to stay alive and end of blowing up quite a few times. Gotta love the invisible torps.

Eventually we get the cube down to about 30 percent. Then we are all killed and everyone has 1min plus respawn times. I watch as the cube goes to full shields, then full hull. Well this is to much, I bail.

Totally time elapsed was close to 40 minutes, that doesn't include the existing players time that were there at the start. It was very painful and to top it off I get hit with a leaver penalty. Total FAIL.
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06-11-2012, 01:45 PM
I got send into an already failed opt and almost failed main in KASE. Imagine, you queue, than when you appear you see 4 cubes loose, 6 probes already passed the central gate, 3 team members unconcious and the 4 one desperatly fighting for his life. Just waited for game to fail than warp out, about 2-3 min later.
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The moral of the story is if you are quitting then quit as soon as possible so another can fill your space.

Pugging IGE.

One player bails after the option fails in the first room (No one checked if the team wants the optional or if they knew the tactics for winning it).

A new player joins and after a few minutes (most of it sitting around the beam in point) declares that he is going to bail. However, he then proceeds to chat it up with another member on the team on why the mission is a failure (the team was having a hard time advancing). As he chats, other players continue to play and advance further into the game. At the first boss he finally bails. At this point the group has advanced too far into the mission for another new player to beam in.

If you are going to be a flake (cannot commit for any reason), and I have flaked for various reasons myself, then flake early. Please do not take up valuable space in a group that you are not contributing to. Hopefully your spot can be filled.
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06-11-2012, 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by synkr0nized
Yes, normal.

Just a tid bit of information, I do believe i got unlucky and had several euro players. I'm assuming either they never did this mission before, or something gets lost in translation. Whatever it was, I facepalmed so hard and was extremely frustrated with them.
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06-11-2012, 05:26 PM
skittle bricks. those people with flying bricks are so amusing to watch
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06-11-2012, 10:29 PM
What is it with folks using TBR on clustered enemies that are ripe for AoE strikes? Or on targets caught in gravity wells?

Or, worse, into the vortex in KASE?
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06-12-2012, 07:43 AM
My worst STF experience is running Infected Ground respecting the other players, paying attention to trigger lines, healing team mates and getting none of the optional loot bag items (75% of the time I don't get a single item), defeating the boss and not getting the PSG Shield tech I need since I became playing the STFs, more then 500 runs ago.
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06-14-2012, 01:50 AM
Well, bailed (for only the second time ever) on Cure Space normal earlier.

It was nothing more than a mess. One person shouting about how everyone should be running better weapons, but he wasn't doing fantastic DPS himself. Too many people obsessed with the cubes, and no-one paid attention to the Kang until it was MUCH too late.

In no time flat the Kang was reduced to 12%, covered in plasma fire, with eight BOP's & two Raptors circling/firing and same person telling everyone how their weapons were too inferior. It was clearly a dead loss, so I took the leaver penalty.
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06-14-2012, 02:53 AM
Definitely just had THE worst STF EVER.

God knows how - but the PuG I was with a few minutes ago failed CSE in, literally, 59 seconds. Admittedly, was probably partly my fault as I got smacked early trying to tackle two swarms of BOP's and wound up in respawn oblivion, but seriously - I respawned to a near-dead Kang and a sad, desperate and completely futile attempt to rescue whatever mess had occurred as a result of my uselessness and whatever the hell everyone else did that caused THE worst STF ever. Never have the words EPIC FAIL been more apt.

59 seconds..... is that a new record?

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