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Author Name: Duke-of-Rock

Total Number of Missions
8 Total (5 in the Spawn of Medusa series)

Mission Number 1 Name: Spawn of Medusa
Mission Number 2 Name: Spawn of Medusa II - Daughters of Medusa
Mission Number 3 Name: Spawn of Medusa III - Break From Tradition
Mission Number 4 Name: Spawn of Medusa IV - The Awakening
Mission Number 5 Name: Spawn of Medusa V - Defeat the Evil

Summary: An exciting 5 part series with mystery, amazing discoveries, custom maps, and combat as you fight to save the Alpha and Beta Quadrants from a previously unknown matriarchal species. Join the Klingons as you find clues that will lead to an incredible discovery on Earth. Interact with one of Starfleets most impressive technological achievements from "The Next Generation" series that leads to a visit from a species from TNG as well. I hope you give it a try.

Some of the large Fleet based battles can be fairly trying, but for the most part, the combat is moderate difficulty. There are also some puzzles that can test even the keenest mind, but all are managable.

Level Requirements:
Part 1 - Lieutenant Level - Lieutenant Commander (Level 15) for parts 2 thru 5

Solo play / Team Play /
Either solo or team but is more suited for solo play.

Special Notes from Author: Mission write-up links on below
Mission Number 6 Name: Argus Array Repair Daily

Level Requirements: Any Level

New Quick Daily Mission created based on the Argus Array from the Spawn of Medusa Series
Mission Number 7 Name: Omega Directive Revisited

Level Requirements: Part 1 - Captain - Level 31

The above are all Fed missions.
Mission Number 8 Name: Argus Array Sabotage Daily

Level Requirements: Any Level

New Klingon Faction Quick Daily Mission created based on the Argus Array from the Spawn of Medusa Series
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