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06-12-2012, 06:40 PM
Originally Posted by Koppenflak
Lends itself well to crowd control, if you ask me. BFAW1, TT1, TT1 <- All ensigns covered, tanking retained, Lieutenant-through-Commander skills open for serious DPS options.
Using BFAW means using beams. This is still an escort, and going beams mean giving up the best burst available.

Its got more survivability than normal, but its not as far out ahead of the pack as it seems.

The final resistance difference between say EPTS 1 / 2 (and 2 is only up part of the time) will work out to about 3 to 4% resistance on an endgame build.

That leaves you with maybe grabbing Aux to SIF 2, which is not a major improvement over Aux to SIF 1 (which the Fleet Escort can grab).

I suppose you could do EPTS 2 & EPTS 3 for a better overall improvment, but that doesn't leave you with much of value at T1 and means no Aux to SIF or RSP.

Originally Posted by Koppenflak
Plenty to like...
Oh don't get me wrong, it's a fine looking ship (stat wise), I'm just adding comments to curb some people who seem to be wildly overreacting thinking that this is the second coming of escorts.

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