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06-12-2012, 06:13 PM
Originally Posted by reyan01
Can't say I am really - usually in a PUG, which creates enough variety to make each mission different (some good, some bad!).

Helps to swap ship occasionally too - adds additional variety.

I was like that too, loved puggin because you never knew what kind of team you'd get.. You'd get the chance to help others that would listen and what not, cant tell ya how many people I've ran with multiple times till they got the hang of STF's.. It was rewarding actually, I loved it. But that soon wears off when all you have to show for any of it is Dil, which to me is absolutely worthless ( if I want C points, I'll buy them. I'm not grinding for them ).. Dil would be worth while if I could move it to other toons I'm leveling ( got 3 that need to be, but thats a grind too ) to buy them some gear, but, you cant even do that! So whats the point?

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