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# 1 Killing afker....
06-12-2012, 10:34 PM
Yesterday I ran KASE. All we deal with the cube. Someone die and respawn. But he stayed in the place we respawn and do afk. Then 4 players ran the STF. When we started the second gate. A player left because we lost optionnals. We were 3 to end up + 1 one afk. We chatted and because we know we can't win. We pull the last Tac cube on the AFKer. Tac cube destroy it. He respawn. And we pull again the Tac cube on him. The tac cube destroy he again and we quit the STF. Yes, it's bad. We left the STF and we didn't end up. Yes it's childish to pull the Tac cube on the afker. But it made us feel better

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