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06-11-2012, 09:05 AM
Originally Posted by Tk3997 View Post
Cure ground is just terrible and despite the shortening it's still WAY to long and very annoying. Assuming half the group doesn't drop after the fourth **** up at the first shield wall fighting Armek is ridiculous.

He's pretty easily the worst boss encounter I've ever seen in a game, bar none. You're literally locked into a tiny box with an extremely powerful enemy LOADED with AOE abilities, it seems more like something that should be a damn April fools joke update rather then an actual game.
I've never had a problem either whittling him down with a Sniper Rifle or in close melee range in CGE, You just need to spread out to avoid the chaingun... Heck, there's been plenty of times either myself or another guy has died due to bad positioning and the last person has just ran into melee range, croutched, and killed him solo.

It's arguable that you need good team cohesion to take him out if you're using, say, the shotgun method. Or doing something crazy like two snipers trading aggro from opposite ends of the arena... but there are PUG friendly methods too.

Lately on my Sci I've just made a point of screaming at everyone to spread out and pewpew him from range whilst I equip a Medic Kit and repeatedly Bat'leth his ankles. Hasn't failed yet.
Lt. Commander
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06-12-2012, 10:44 PM
For 3 days I run 3 space elite STF per days. For 3 days we got optionnals. Very rare proto salvage and rare proto salvage was in the basket. But I got only edc and nothing else. I should be lucky? I don't think luck can do something for me. Drop rule is bad. That all!

Edit: If you want getting very or rare proto. Do not die in the STF. In the last STF I ran. The only guy who got very rare proto. He didn't die. All of us died at least one time, except he. And he got very rare proto. I'm still thinking the rule is bad.

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