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# 1 PvP Issues & Suggestions
06-13-2012, 12:45 AM
Now I know that PvP has had many problems, many of which are unresolved and has been neglected (as I hear) by a margin of over 90% of all players. This obviously shows why the queues take so long. Many changes need to be changed, this is for certain. But, ofcourse, the new Dev of the PvP genre was just given responsibility and needs time to make the necessary changes (as I been reading some into the recent PvP update). I know many opinions and suggestions have come from players many times before this thread, but I feel this should be a thread where an open mind is accepted to suggestive content so that Devs may have a chance to overview them in a more organized and centralized manner.

For the consideration of all players in Star Trek Online, please show respect for ALL opinions. If you disagree with a certain suggestive idea or issue to be corrected, please do so in a mature, non-aggressive manner. This thread is not here for debates and arguments and I'm sure the Devs do not want to read meaningless back-and-forth criteria. Devs will skim past those posts and miss valuable information they could be reading up on. Lets not give them a reason to void reading a potentially valuable thread.

I will start by mentioning my experiences with PvP myself. I enjoy PvP in Star Trek Online. The reason I enjoy it is because it is the only combat that I see where the fight feels different every time I queue in. When fighting NPC borg, romulans, etc., all I get is the same tactics which I am familiar with. Sadly, this is the only aspect I like about PvP and for most players, this is definitely not enough. There are many ways to make PvP enjoyable and I'm going to list a few ideas that I have come up with from my entire gaming experience that may strengthen the PvP community. However, I will say one thing: If PvP were to die in Star Trek Online, this game would eventually die faster than any other game of its kind. The reason i believe this is that Endgame, PvP is all that really remains, technically speaking.

There are various issues that have been known but I will mention one of the most prominent issues in PvP. Warzones seem to reset where both Klingon and Federation players spawn on the same side of the map. This is troubling as Klingons normally are destroyed if they are cloaked (close enough to see and their shields are down). Warzones are a very good interactive way to combat other players without being queued and waiting to PvP. I think they should be expanded upon and allowed to further evolving in the PvP community.

Another known issue is that Capture And Hold only provides a single map. You know exactly what map your getting in a Capture And Hold queue. The maps for both Arena and Capture And Hold/Assault need further expanding to generate a more unexpected gameplay experiences.

The last issue I will speak of is more for the younger Federation players below level 20. Why is there a queue for Federation vs. Klingon at level 1 - 20? Klingons upon creation start at level 20. So there is no Klingon that will queue up for Fed vs Klink PvP. Even worse...Federation players, especially ones that never have created a klingon, queue up for these Fed vs Klink PvP matches. They must be removed or at least deactivated for players below level 20.

The Reward system for PvP is also a concern to some players. It seems more rewarding to play an Elite STF over queuing up for a PvP match. For the Klingons, there are many ways to gain dilithium from pvp matches via Ship Killers, Captain Killers, Entering 3x, etc. even missions where your ship is destroyed. Dilithium is a good way to reward the players in PvP, an excellent idea. But what makes STFs more desirable over PvP? Well you can get requisition tokens to equip rare items to your ships and characters. Most of the time, if you don't need the requisition, you can exchange them for Dilithium Ore Containers as well. So in turn, players can get more dilithium in STF's or the items they are really wanting over the poor quality of rewards given in PvP. Maybe a separate requisition hub for PvP players to get more PvP oriented items that will sustain them better in combat. STF's rewards provide weapons against the Borg. PvP should have items designed for different possibilities. It would take awhile to create a manifestation of items and a system to dispense them for special PvP requisition, but in all I see it a viable solution to grab player interest in PvP. To make things more interesting, you could indulge into Elite PvP queues as a more risky but more rewarding genre of PvP, to make things harder on the players for one and to make earning their items at the cost of components and regenerators.

Warzones are really fun and intriguing. They are almost like a PvP STF mission. However the same one over and over again starts to lose the interests of players. I think a more profound array of Warzones in different places would make for an excellent addition to PvP. And maybe both sides could have different goals instead of the same one, most likely opposite the goal of the other. Maybe something simple as "deactivate sensor arrays alpha, brava, charlie,..." while the other "activates lockout command codes for sensor arrays alpha, bravo, charlie,..." and if an array is locked out, the mission is to destroy it while the other whom successfully locks it out must gather sensor data before its destroyed. This is idealistic to the expansion of War Zones to make for fun encounters and for many players, Warzones is the first PvP interaction before PvP queues. A good first impression will allow the player to feel more at home to becoming more involved in PvP.

Maps distinguish a PvP match and as I've said before, PvP must expand on a bigger array of maps. However, creating various natural properties within a map can change the outcome of a match. For instance, the briar patch has a many obstacles for escorts to weave around and take cover behind asteroids. However, if a ship decides to pass through Methane gas, they may be entitled to a nasty surprise if an explosion were to set it off. Although the amount of gas shown in the Briar patch was too minimal and off to the side in my opinion, but the amount of cover and asteroid was vast and enjoyable. The same can go for newer maps. A nebula that can interfere with sensors, maybe even ships could hide in a nebula without being noticed until another ship enters. Different nebulas could create different problems or debuffs to a players ships. Maybe a station that jams sensors to those who get within proximity so that possibly neither player could combat each other if both were within range. For ground combat, possibly random plasma leaks causing fires could shoot out in corridors. Many consoles could be activated to create force fields to block a certain access point or Jeffery's tubes in place to short cut between areas. Activate defensive turrets in certain rooms or even energize explosives to any one room for detonation. Endless possibilities for both ground and space combat could be made in the form of unique map structure and for big Star Trek fans, will engage themselves into an aurora of ways to defeat their enemies by mystery that are inflicted on actual players, not just npcs in planned out missions and episodes. And when i say inflicted, I mean beneficial as well. Maybe if there is a medical bay that you can gain a buff from for a good minute to help you against your enemies. who knows!

Last suggestion i will make is with the new Starbases for Federation Fleets and Klingon Houses. I believe there should be Siege PvP for fleets to defend and attack. Upgrading your starbase to have better defensive components make it harder for other fleets to win easily. And while I'd suspect Fleets would not lose anything from the assaults, I do believe damaged stations would require repairs. An incentive would still need to be in place for fleets to maintain the repairs and not leave it sitting....damaged. For instance, a Fleet buff if all systems maintained online. Engineers would repair subsystems, Science could launch sensor probes to gather more sensitive data on who attacked, and Tactical could bring up the defense grid and launch defensive turrets. The more players who interact with the station, the more systems repairs, data logged and stored, the more turrets launched around the station (with maximum limits, ofcourse). It makes for great Fleet vs Fleet PvP combat as well as Fleet interaction within their own player base.

I have made this first thread post long enough as is. So I shall allow it to be reviewed and other players to continue its line of though. Whatever the case, I believe this would be a good new start to issues and suggestions to be made for Devs to read over and carefully examine new solutions to the growth of PvP as a whole. The key is a determination for a greater Star Trek Online experience and a lot of patience. I mean A LOT of patience. With great patience is great reward. Rush an update because of impatient anticipating players will only bring grief to both player and developer. Keep this in mind for greater success of Star Trek Online.

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