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06-13-2012, 09:19 AM
Originally Posted by Tumerboy View Post
We have a full range of Drydocks. For Utopia Planitia, I made an updated version of the Type I/II drydocks, built a type 3, and a type 4, and Denis built a new one which you'll see with Fleet Starbases, which is more 2409.

The way I rationalized it was that each type of drydock was built to service some specific set of ships. There's no rust in space, so as long as those keep working, they'll keep working on older ships within them. You're not going to fit a Galaxy Class within a Type I drydock. But similarly, you could fit 2 or 3 constitution classes within a Type 4, which is a waste. So you (starfleet) uses the newer types to update the newer types of ships, and the older types to service older types of ships.

The Sol System, admittedly, has not been updated with the newer drydocks. Again, if I can get in there at some point, I'll gladly update those and the sun.

As for showing your ship outside the windows, this is actually more difficult than it sounds. If this were a private instance, where only you existed, it wouldn't be a problem to spawn your ship out there. However, in an instance that can have 25 different people, and there's only 1 spawn point outside the window, who's ship do you show? We don't have any way that I know of, to show different people different things.

Personally, I think having the Odyssey out there is fine. Besides. . . she won't be there for much longer. . .
Thanks Tumerboy for the information, everything is making me await starbases anxiously as they look fun.

Heres an idea with player ships in dock though.
If we could perhaps have a space dock like the one at ESD then we could have a selection of ships presented and fly around them in a shuttle / work bee. This would be a similar type of system to the Hall of Monuments in GW which displays your (first 10) followers and would allow scales to be maintained perfectly with all the different shps and us.

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