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06-11-2012, 11:32 AM
Originally Posted by Vaiks View Post
To the OP, I was at the same situation. I just gave up the grind and I gess I don't log in to STO in a month more or less. It is just not worth the time.

I'm back to EVE were the grind is rewarded. STO is looking more and more like Vegas in Space.
There is no "grinding" in EvE...ohh wait roids mining 24/7.
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# 22 You can't have it!
06-11-2012, 06:46 PM
The reason why you can't acquire XII special sets by different means is beyond me. Their reason why they do this, and someone can correct me if I'm wrong, is that they want to work for something and provide high replay value, so you need to acquire it by random drop only for the techs. Ok, but here is the problem, this is random.

I'm all for working for something and grinding it out to get the best gear, that's what an MMO is all about, however, it should not just be based on the luck of the draw.

Let's assume the following, that the play is looking to get the full XII special gear sets because really that's what we are talking about here, with the current system one of the following will happen:

A) The player will get the full set right away or only by a few successful plays.

B) The player has played the same STF 100 times plus and still has not obtained the XII set and gives up.

C) The player has played the same STF 100 times plus but then does finally get the XII set.

Under A situation, there is no replay value. It's now gone because the player has just gotten it right away by the luck of the draw and has no reason to go back to play STFs now. This is very much a possibly and has happened, so to say they want to have as high replay value in order to earn something is now out the window.

For situation B, this is what the OP and many others are experiencing(including myself). It's now a backlash. This has provide high replay value, no arguments there, but now the player feels betrayed, all that hard work for nothing. Yes, you are getting dilithum ECD and other drops, but that's not what is being look at here, they want the XII stuff and they are not getting it, while some of their friends in situation A have it and that makes the situation for them much, much worse.

For situation C, this is the ideal situation on which they would like to happen, but what about the players other characters, will he or she be willing to replay that much to get a full set?

A more logical solution to help fix this is by having it so that you need to play a minimum amount of games in order to get the specific XII. So for example(and just throwing numbers around here for example purposes), you want the Borg prototype shield. You need to play the Cure elite at least 10 times. After 10 times you have a very small chance in getting the prototype. After so many tries after let's say 100, you have a very high chance in getting the prototype until eventually you have a 100% chance in getting it because you play it so much, you've now earned it.

Another solution is to simply have it so that you need earn enough ECDs or Borg prototype gear that you can buy it by another means and it would not be random. Everyone would need to play the exact same amount of STFs as everyone else, and makes it completely fair.

At any rate, it sounds like things won't change for whatever reason that may be, which is too bad, they really need to look at the bigger picture of what's happening.
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06-11-2012, 08:27 PM
Originally Posted by The-Doctor.
This is just on one character mind you. I'm not even bothering with Mark 12 on my other characters, I already got enough EDCs to get all the Maco and Omega ground and space sets on my two main characters. But on my third here, I was lucky to get a deflector protype drop and engine prototype drop, so might as well try to get the shield drop now! But it hasn't happened yet, been grinding a month for it.
And those sets wont be account wide through account bank because as we all know when you have a new toon you loose your skills in stf and you don't deserve the those three pieces which costs more than a car considering how many hours you work to get them compared to how many hours a human works to make money for a car
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06-13-2012, 02:32 PM
Fourth rare borg weapons tech from elite Armek, fourth middle finger to me from Gozer. Prototype weapon tech just won't drop

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