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06-15-2012, 12:31 PM
Hey sandukutupu I played The Other Starfleet just now. I really enjoyed the humour in the story. I felt awkward about a few things though

There's a lot of maps where you go in, do one thing and then leave, which caused a lot of map loading. I didn't like the random Nausican attacks either. They happened without warning or explanation until the end. I was also confused when I had to report back to space took me about 10 minutes to realize I had to click on the console. I felt dumb after realizing it but maybe guiding the plyaer to the console (telling them to explicitly use it) would help. Same goes for after that when you go to Llaiir. I had to go back into the logs to find out what sector block it was in. On the last map I died instantly to the Ferengi attack, having two or three groups ambush the player is a bit rough, and when the romulans attacked it felt awkward that it was on the same map but I had a map transition. I understand why technically but a player would be confused about what just happened. If you explained it in the mission and I missed it then you can ignore that lol.

I found a few typos too that I mailed you about.

Thanks for making it though, like I said, I got a bunch of laughs out of the "Starfleet" graduates!
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06-21-2012, 03:50 PM
Ok I didn't want to make a new thread. It was pretty hard finding this one with forum all messed up. I had to use a Google search.

If you check on under Foundry portal you will see I DO PAY ATTENTION...

Third Draft June 19, 2012
Corrected numerous typos and rephrased some dialog thanks to players Zorbane and AgentYae.

I remove the need to travel back to Spacedock at the end of the mission. I didn't change the ending dialog so it may not make as much sense in the fact you are supposed to be turning in your reports and mission logs. Also some time is supposed to have passed since the fight on Llaiir.

I added the walkthrough even though I think it is really unnecessary. The walkthrough explains some jokes or why I did things the way they are done. I don't know about the average time it takes for zoning... My broadband is pretty high rated due to my husband's work. My typical zone time is just a few seconds.

If you find any errors, or the mission breaks down on you, PLEASE don't bother with these screwy forums any more. Just leave me a message on my user talk page here.

You can also send me mail in the game @sandukutupu

By taking the time out to b*tch at me it shows you care about my work. Also I am working on making the sequel "The Other Academy" which should be out some time this summer. I promise better jokes and fewer zoning.

Also I am making a "serious story" on the KDF. It doesn't even have a title yet.
-Wendy Black

KDF mission of honor and intrigue.

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