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06-15-2012, 04:43 PM
If Chuck Norris plays on a team, there is no need or greed, every item automatically goes to him.

Chuck Norris can win an STF with a shuttle in all Mk 1 gear, but he understands even that is too much for anyone, so instead he wins with no gear.

Chuck Norris is currently in season 12.

Chuck Norris can play the Winter Event during the summer.

Chuck Norris played an STF with the armitage before the patch.

Chuck Norris can send a non tradable item to anyone.

In "Threshold", they did not de-evlove because of the warp barrier, they de-evolved because Chuck Norris told them to.

Chuck Norris cannot enter fluidic space because the sheer gravitational force of his fists would make it collapse in on itself.

Chuck Norris can enter KDF space without diplomatic immunity.

A single tear from Chuck Norris can end all war in STO. Too bad he never cries.

Chuck Norris can enter deep space.

Chuck Norris once farted. That is now known as the Hobus supernova.

Whenever the Iconians arrive in-game, it is because Chuck Norris gets tired of the Borg or Romulans.

Chuck Norris always makes sure his Armitage is equipped with stalker fighters.

Chuck Norris has unlimited ship, character, and costume slots.

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