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I was in the middle of working on my next Foundry production, when I have learned that maps are limited to 24 contacts.

Who determined this number. I think this is a low number. SInce I can place 250 combat assets on a map, I should be able to place 250 contacts on a map.

On my current project, the map is designed to have the player use the environment to move forward in the story.

The events or encounters are designed so that when the player walks to a certain point on the map, it triggers an encounter.

Then as the character communicates with people in the environment it can lead to a non-conflict or a conflict. I designed a series of tables or flow charts so that when the player meets people they will select an emotional state. That emotional state will then trigger one to 4 possible outcomes.

On these newer stories, there are no real objectives in the main plot line because I think they "hand-holds" players in the game and makes players lazy.

I have designed a failure outcome in some stories successfully, because the player needs to trigger a certain event to gain the information to advance the story.

This has been thwarted by limiting the number of contacts on a map. It is hard to write a story that does not center around combat if the developers make it so the writer or producers have to pick a plot line that must use combat assets, or must state objectives in a way that "spoon-feeds" the player.

This number needs to be increased.

Thank you.

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