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06-15-2012, 09:34 PM
I was giving an impromptu lecture on high performance cruiser builds and demonstrated the G-R as a high burst DPS gunship that doesn't sacrifice tanking or team healing ability.

That permanent Engineering ensign is really useful if you like to use Auxiliary to Battery + lots of rare Technicians to cut down your boff power recharge significantly. I was spewing disruptor cannons on CRF everywhere and shredding everything, each mark 12 cannon producing 1300-1400 DPS with wep. power pegged at 125 and TT1 active. As I mentioned in the G-R: Last Hurrah thread the effective recharge time for CRF is merely 9 seconds or so, considering the CRF skill starts cooling down immediately on activation and during the burst fire sequence too. If you activate Aux2Batt immediately after CRF you chop the recharge timer down with your active Technicians and it also functions as a makeshift EPTW2 to peg the weapon power at 125.

Technician builds are a bit harder to pull off on normal cruisers as you sacrifice EPTS/W, RSP chains just to put Aux2Batt in there. But with the extra engineering slot, no problems making it work.
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06-16-2012, 12:26 AM
Originally Posted by danqueller
The only problem with that would be that, if Saucer Sep is seen as such a minor ability that building it into the hull of the ship is the only worthwhile way it should be on a ship, then the same would apply to the Oddy-Ops. And, if you do that for them, then the other Oddy users claim their console abilities aren't any better, and demand to have theirs hull-mounted. And so on....

Not saying it won't happen, but that changing something like this after a significant period of time in game as a console would be challenging.
Saucer Sep is not a minor ability it appears to be a massive boost to maneuverability, building it in to the Gal R is the equivalent of building in the Garumba's Javelin IMO. It frees up a Console and that would greatly help the Gal R. As for the Operations Oddy? It has 9 Consoles with Separation fitted and has a more customisable BOFF layout. And since most people complain about the BOFF layout on the Gal R it gives it more reason to take the Operations Oddy.

Personally I think I'd need to run a very different BOFF layout than my standard Cruiser design on the Gal R. This isn't a bad thing. I'm thinking I'd need to carry 6 BA, 3 DBB, 3 Turrets and swap in the weapons I need. As for Torpedoes, Harh'Pengs, Transphasic Cluster Torps, or Tricos. Would need to experiment. And I'm of the belief that 6 beams is more DPS than 8 Because of power drain.

To get Survival and DPS out of the Gal R, I'd be running Aux 2 Bat and Technicians to get the cooldowns lower. This would mean no EPtW because I think A2B shares a cooldown with EPtX. The Techs would replace the Conn Officers and the cooldown reduction should keep Tac Team up just as well. I believe this is the build carmenara runs?
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06-16-2012, 09:26 PM
Originally Posted by DKnight1000
And I'm of the belief that 6 beams is more DPS than 8 Because of power drain.
It is, but only negligibly lower in DPS than 7 beams. If you can keep the power high, then 8 can be better. It's all about management.

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