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06-16-2012, 05:27 PM
Originally Posted by Admsim20 View Post
To go along with that, aren't they also removed after 6 months or a year? I remember seeing something about forum threads age from a dev in another thread somewhere. Can't remember which dev or what thread though. Am I correct in that statement?
Or at least autoclosed.

I have to admit that I don;t like that rule. I know in all of the "how to get help" stickies, searching is encouraged and well you know my opinion on the matter. It's kind of backwards to suggest to folks to search forst and then ignore what they find. I would rather have them ask a question if they don;t understand in the thread that they find instead of start a new thread, ask a question and the rest of us have no clue as to what they're referencing because they (of course) don't link to the past thread.

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