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06-17-2012, 01:09 AM
Originally Posted by kimmera
Akira was bio-tech/psionic powers. Armitage was cybernetics. They both had a cyberpunk feel to them but were different conceptually.

There is a temptation to fly an Akira named 'Tetsuo' though.... or "Kaneda"...
Actually, I was thinking more "Kurosawa" or "I***ube":p

Edit: dear Cryptic, your word filter was programmed by an imbecile.
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06-17-2012, 08:43 AM
Originally Posted by SesshoSeki
Seems like semantics to me...

What about the "Sau Paulo" class? I even named my Sau Paulo as the class, U.S.S. Sau Paulo, and configured it as the Sau Paulo (default) appearance, but I'm beyond confident that many if not most would look at it, see its appearance, and dub it a Defiant Class...
Same goes for the Bellerophon class, which looks like little more than another Intrepid retrofit. I've got an Intrepid-R and, instead of reskinning it, simply changed its markings to resemble the way the Bellerophon is presented in the C-store, and I can barely tell the difference.

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