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I'm on my 125th run of CGE now trying to get the prototype borg weapon tech, and have it down to a fine art now. Throughout my runs I've seen other players get their proto tech drops; some already with 2 full sets of Mk XII STF gear for whom the proto tech is basically usedless or BOFF fodder; others without so much as a MACO/Omega weapon, who have joined an elite run to be carried through (who didn't remodulate once the entire instance either) - yet they get their tech (the latter is most galling). What do I have to do to 'earn' a proto tech weapon already?

Why can't I trade my accumulated rare borg tech all for a proto tech? All my crew are already in STF Mk XI gear now (for which they should be able to display the uniform ). I have no use for them. I don't want to trade them for dilithium because what if, one day, they become redeemable for proto tech?I mean at this rate, I still won't have acquired the proto weapon and will finally have a use for them by then.



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