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# 1 Unimatrix-001
06-18-2012, 03:32 AM

A collective to be reckoned with

Regions: USA-EUROPE & other
Main language: English

The Unimatrix-001 fleet is a collective filled with people just having fun, we do STF's either normal or elite and try as hard as we can to ace them and teach others how to play these maps. We level up together, train and compete in PVP matches, participate in fleet actions and other fun missions Star Trek Online has provided for us. We aim to perfect our tactics and are an open fleet where everyone matters.

The fleet was created with openness in mind and we encourage everyone to voice their opinion and help out in any way they see fit. The main goal of the collective is to have fun and become a successful fleet in the process.

We use teamspeak for voice communication but if you do not have a microphone or are unable to talk on our teamspeak server we have a private chat channel in-game for our Fed & KDF sides where you can ask questions, talk to other members and setup matches and missions.

We also invite you to look at our brand new forum & website where we will be answering your questions, gving you the lowdown on missions, Doffs, STFs and fleet advancement to name but a few.

If interested in joining look for us in your fleet search tab, email us at or talk to one of our members online.

Resistance is futile,

Loqutus - Primary adjunct to Unimatrix-001
Captus - Primary adjunct to Unimatrix-001 KDF

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