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I was just curious as I used the search form but nothing came up and being fairly new everything is a bit of an information overload so excuse me if this has been asked before.

I have been enjoying the PvE queued games the past couple of days and they are fun but theres a few space missions and only one ground mission from what I can see.

Will there be any other ground maps planned as it would breath a bit of choice in gameplay as the current map is a bit dark anyway unless you turn the brightness up but then other maps would be too bright.

It'd be cool to see a deep space 9 invasion mission where you have to fight off waves of intruding enemies of one faction or another or on the klingon side maybe a fight in the farmlands.

Also it'd be fun I think to have some battles in the original series timeline against the devedians or some undine, it'd certainly ramp up the challenge a bit.

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