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For Dreadnought Users

The Galaxy X Dreadnought Cruiser is an Expert level Flagship, meaning, it is not for your average cruiser captain. This ship takes considerable skill to captain. The Dreadnought is a better version of the Assault Cruiser, it has more Crew and Hull (200 more crew and 1,000 more hull) than the Assault but lower turn rate and inertia but the extra tanking ability makes up for it.

I'm a Tactical Officer, Tacs in a Cruiser can only be a fail or someone who makes you want to dropkick the monitor. This build will make your enemies do that.

Now this build is an Endurance BeamBoat build, meaning it can out last most peoples first and second waves of attacks and dish out a high level of DPS to overlast your opponent in the long run. The ability to keep your weapons at a high level enables you to dish out DPS higher than any Cruiser and your shields level will help you tank better than most cruisers. Also with your heals, you can become a healer, making you a True flagship on the battlefield.

This has been battle tested, I'm in the works of making video for you all to watch of this baby in combat.

Current Build

[Phaser Beam Array Mk XII] Accx2 CritH
[Phaser Beam Array Mk XII] Accx2 CritH
[Phaser Beam Array Mk XII] Accx2 CritH
[Phaser Beam Array Mk XII] Accx2 CritH
[Phaser Beam Array Mk XII] Accx2 CritH

[Phaser Beam Array Mk XII] Accx2 CritH
[Phaser Beam Array Mk XII] Accx2 CritH
[Phaser Beam Array Mk XII] Accx2 CritH
Tricobalt Mine Mk XII Dmgx3

***Now you can use all Accx3 if you wanted to, I used these because they seem to appear most on the Exchange, but with the addition of Starbases and Advanced and Elite Weapons coming soon, this build may be updated depending on the worth of those equipment***

Ship Equipment
Deflectors: [Assimilated Deflector Array]
Engines: [Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines]
Shields: [M.A.C.O. Resilient Shield Array Mk XII]

Weapons Battery - Large
Shield Battery - Large
Red Matter Capacitor
Sub Space Field Modulator

Engineering Consoles
Neutronium Alloy Mk XII Very Rare
Field Emitter Mk XIT Very Rare
Antimatter Spread
Assimulated Module

Science Consoles
Theta Radiation Vents
Field Generator Mk XII Very Rare

Tactical Consoles
Phaser Relay Mk XII Very Rare
Phaser Relay Mk XII Very Rare
Phaser Relay Mk XII Very Rare

Lieutenant Tactical: Fire at Will 1; Attack Pattern Beta 1
Ensign Tactical: Tactical Team 1
Commander Engineering: Emergency Power to Shields 1; Reverse Shield Polarity 1; Engineer Team 3; Auxiliary Power to the Structural Integrity Field 3
Lieutenant Commander: Emergency Power to Weapons 1; Emergency Power to Weapons 2; Emergency Power to Shields 3
Lieutenant Science: Hazard Emitters 1; Transfer Shield Strength 2

Make sure your ships power level is set on "Attack"

***3 Damage Control Duty Officers that reduce Recharge time on Emergency Power to subsystem abilities, each one gives a 30% chance to reduce the recharge time on it.
***One Warp Core Engineer which has a chance to improve power on any Emergency Power ability by +20
***One Maintenance Engineer which reduces time for Engineer Team and Buff
(Start with all Rare and move up to Very Rare)

Why do I use a 3 piece Borg Set with MACO Shields? MACO Shields Reduces All Energy Damage to Shields by 10% and has a chance to activate Power Conduit Link. When receiving All Energy Damage, applies Power Conduit Link
+2 All Power Settings for 15 sec. Not to mention the 20% Plasma Resistance. Now the 3 Borg Pieces activate the following
Set 2: Autonomous Regeneration Sequencer
Passive This system provides a passive bonus to your Hull Repair skill as well as speeding up hull regeneration both in and out of combat. There is also a chance to trigger an automatic hull regeneration sequence that will restore up to 30% of your total hull points once per minute while simultaneously reducing incoming damage, whenever incoming damage is received. +0.35 Health Regeneration +10 Starship Hull Repair When receiving All Damage, 2% chance of applying Autonomous Regeneration Sequencer +4.2 Hull Regeneration over 10 sec Reduces Damage to Hull by ??% for 10 sec
Set 3: Multi-Regenerative Shield Array
Passive When receiving All Damage, 10% chance of applying Multi-Regenerative Shield Array when any shield facing falls below 20% approximately 315 Shield Regeneration applied once to each facing approximately 1485 Shield Regeneration over 10 sec to each facing Cleanses all Hazard Debuffs, such as the Borg Shield Drain, and continues to cleanse every 0.5 seconds for 15 seconds.

These skills give you more tanking which you need because you are a Tactical Officer, you are limited as far as Heals you can use.

Ok I ALWAYS try to lead the pack in battle, drawing all the fire away from my team so they can focus 100% power on the enemy. In PvE this is easy to do. Set off Fire at Will after activating all your Buffs and all the enemies in range will attack you. But in PvP, most experienced PvPers go after Dreadnought users, thinking they are all under par, so in actuallity, they will still target you most, if not all the time.

In a PvP situation, STAY in a group of atleast 2 or 3. Yes this build can own in a one on one situation, but Teamwork is #1 in PvP. Aim for the Escorts 1st as they are the threat, then go for Science ships as they have the next weakes hull. Finally Cruisers, considering they have the most hull and usually a little harder to kill.

When charging, observe the enemies you see, if you see multiple escorts, go with the EPtS3 (Emergency Power to Shields 3) to properly defend their first wave of volleys. But still stay in Attack mode (Weapons at 125)
If you see mainly Cruisers or Carriers, go with EPtW2 and activate your other buffs as well, go broadside and eat away at their shields.

You are able to Chain Emergency Powers. They will help you maintain a very high level Weapons and Shields

Now as soon as your EPtS or EPtW cools down, you can chain the other one.
For Instance, you have EPtW2, EPtS2, EPtW1, and EPtS1. The order goes, activate EPtW2 > EPtS2 > EPtW1 > EPtS1 then repeat. There is a 15 sec cool down between each. Plus your duty officers are going to almost always reduce this timer. The officers give 3 different 30% chance to reduce cool down on them. Also, your Weapons and Shields will stay over 100, making you super efficient.

To help reduce the major clutter of shuttles spammed by carriers, activate Fire at Will after you activate a Weapon Battery to wipe Space clean of them in a 10km area.

The Secret to the Dreadnought being more effective than other Cruisers is of course your Phaser Spinal Lance. I suggest using ONLY when shields are down. This is your only High Powered Attack (There is no Torpedo on this build) When someone's shields are down, you activate a Weapon Battery and watch as your enemy post vulgar language in chat.

Also Activate all your buffs and a weapons battery to Max out your damage output, you can maintain over 600DPS with every shot (600 is the minimum dropping point), going as high as 1.7k or greater. per shot.

Make sure the enemies shields are ATLEAST red. Do not fire your lance unless you are 5km within your enemy. It is useless without being atleast 5km close. Activate a Weapon Battery just before your shot and smile at your Victory, quickly move on to your next target.

If done right, you can 1 hit KO ANY ship in the game!

Also, if an escort on your tail is almost dead, slam your ship in reverse and hit Evasive Manuverse 3 (if you have 3) and you can easily get behind it and launch the Lance

Now a game Changer for the Dreadnought is the Jump Console. To be able to Jump behind an opponent whose shields are red and destroy them is amazing. Try it when they are running away and 9 KM away from you with 50% hull, Your Jaw will drop.

The Dreadnought isn't as nimble as other ships but an expert captain can still drive it perfectly

Theta Radiation is a fun trick I used for the pesky escorts (and good for PvE as well). It confuses the enemy, drains shields and cuts speed and turning by 50%. Vent Theta Radiation disables the enemy's sensors, preventing them from firing back for the duration with it's massive, stacking perception debuff. Killer if done right, turning the tables on escorts and other ships that park on your tail. The Stats are: -2.5% Crew every sec; -4,720 Perception; -70 All Shields every sec; -50% Turn Rate; -50% Impulse Speed

Anti Matter Spead Module can be used for Defensive and Offensive purposes.
You can use it to confuse an enemy long enough to use your Healing buffs or chase down an enemy (only usable within 5km) and confuse them to finish them off. Great in PvE as well.
Also you can escape Tractor Beams as well with it but not from Borg Cubes.

Your Healing buffs are CRITICAL in PvP because they will make or break you.
Use Auxiliary Power to the Structural Integrity Field 3 when hull hits around 95% to keep your hull at 100% and Transfer Shield Strength 2 when one side of your shields hit yellow.
*Also SPAM the hell out of Balance Shields when some one is firing on you*

When you see a friendly is in need of aid, become proactive, make your way over, always analyse situations around you and see what needs to be done. Use Engineer Team 2 to aid them and use Hazard Team 1 to help as well. Auxiliary Power to the Structural Integrity Field 3 and Transfer Shield Strength 2 can be used as well to aid someone.

I PROMISE this build is a game changer in the right hands.

What do you guys think?
Need more info let me know.
Message/ Send a mail to me in game

Sky out

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