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# 1 STO Podcasts
06-20-2012, 10:17 AM
The aim of this thread is to contain the days and times of all the podcasts, when and where you can join them live and/or download after editing. I also hope to have a brief description on what each podcast is about for anyone looking to find a podcast.

To quickly find this post again you can use this URL:

If you have a podcast that you wish to be added to this list, please post a reply with the information.
As I gain more information and/or updates on the podcasts I shall edit the OP and add a post to this thread to let everyone know.

For anyone who is on Twitter, there is now an @STO_Podcasts ( where I'll post reminders of podcasts going live and when they are available for download.
I will also be maintaining Twitter Lists ( containing the accounts of podcasts and podcasters to make it easy for you to find and follow the ones you are most interested in.

For those on Facebook a new page has been created

=/\= Active Weekly Podcasts

=/\= BroadcastUGC
On Demand: Watch from
Description: Watch and listen as Cerberusfillms, Castmodean and Bazag, join up with a special guests, to go through the foundry.

=/\= Foundry Roundtable
Listen live: Wednesday 1630 PT / 1930 ET / 0030 UK
Live from:
On demand: and iTunes
Description: The Foundry Roundtable is a weekly podcast created by Foundry authors. We talk about mission building, writing, story construction and other Star Trek and Star Trek Online issues through the lens of the Foundry. Our hosts are drogyn1701, hippiejohn, greendragoon and markhawkman with guests from around the Star Trek Online community. The podcast is pre-recorded and usually posted every weekend.

=/\= G and T Show
Listen live: Sundays 0600 PT / 0900 ET / 1400 UK
Live from:
Download: Later in the week from
Syndication: Wednesdays on Trek Radio at Midnight PT / 3am ET
Description: This show carrys an "EXPLICIT" rating on iTunes so we recommend it to listeners 18 years of age and over. An irreverent podcast where hosts Terilynn Shull and Nick (Gettysburg7) Minecci discuss all forms of Star Trek writing including books, games, television, films and fan-productions (we don't hold ourselves out as being STO-focused).

=/\= Keep on Trekkin'
Listen live: Fridays at 1600 PT / 1900 ET / 0000 UK
Live from:
Download:, iTunes and Stitcher!
Syndication: Wednesdays on Trek Radio at 1000 ET and Thursdays at 1500 ET on MMO Radio
Description: Keep on Trekkin' is a weekly podcast covering everything from Ship builds, Foundry, Dev Blogs, and everything else STO related. We are here to serve the whole STO community. So, whether you are a seasoned player or someone just starting out we got you covered. We also cover general Star Trek topics and everything Geeky too. All of our new episodes are available every Tuesday at 3PM ET from
Andriod app: From Google Play

=/\= PodcastUGC
Download: Thursdays from
Description: The original Foundry podcast from Dedicated to discussing Foundry updates while dissecting and debating general STO news and updates, with a second half called the AfterSTO dedicated to general geeky topics. Hosted by Havraha and Rikturscale.

=/\= Priority One Podcast
Download: Mondays from
Syndication: Wednesdays on Trek Radio at 7am PT / 10am ET
Description: Priority One Podcast, along with its show "Trek it Out with Priority One" is focused on the Star Trek and Star Trek Online (STO) game and community. We dish out trek-relevant news, interviews with STO game developers and Trek stars, community views, game facts, foundry spotlight, in-character fun, online comics, and more. Contact us at

=/\= The Razor's Edge
Description: Star Trek Online reviews covering Starships, Builds, Missions, Mechanics & everything STO! Also covers Tribble deployments when new content releases.
Mondays - Starships of the Line.
Fridays - Star Trek Online.

=/\= Tribbles In Ecstasy
Listen Live: Fridays 1700 PT / 2000 ET / 0100 UK
Live from :
Download : Tuesday from
Andriod app: From Google Play
Description: Tribbles in Ecstasy is a community based Talk Show that revolves around Star Trek and Star Trek Online.

=/\= Audio Dramas

=/\= Blood of the Nei'rrh
Description: The show follows the story of a group of Romulans as they fight for freedom and survival. The series is currently in pre-production.

=/\= Gates of Sto'vo'kor
Description: Gates of Sto'vo'kor is a Klingon audio drama and podcast taking place within the Star Trek Online Universe.
Join Korrath, G'hargh, Hauk, and Deyvid as they tell stories of honor and glory while showing their listeners what it means to be Klingon.

=/\= Star Trek: Starfinder
Download:; via iTunes
Syndication: Subspace Radio and Hardcore Gamers Radio
Description: Star Trek: Starfinder is a full cast audio drama series based on both the Star Trek series of televisions shows and movie, as well as the online video game Star Trek Online. The series is set 30 years after the Star Trek: The Next Generation movies. Starfinder is using voice talent from many different parties and volunteers. It will have recurring and guest roles that make reference to and tie the series continuity to the game Star Trek Online, as well as the Foundry, the user generated content made by authors who play STO. You can follow Starfinder on Twitter @Starfinder4 and on Facebook

=/\= Internet Radio Stations

=/\= Epic Gamer Radio
Epic Gamer Radio is coming in 2014. Epic Gamer Radio currently hosts Keep on Trekkin' live and will possibly host other STO podcasts - keep an eye on this post for future updates.
Listen live at

=/\= Subspace Radio
Subspace Radio is an Internet Radio Station broadcasting live music with relevant game content and chat to the players of Cryptics's Star Trek Online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as of December 2009.
Subspace Radio also syndicates STO podcast.
Listen live at

=/\= Trek Radio
Trek Radio is an Internet Radio Station that in addition to playing STO podcasts (both live and syndicated) plays Star Trek audio fiction and live music shows.
Listen live at

The shows which air live on Trek Radio also have a second airing, featuring the edited/enhanced editions. Also, some of these podcasts are syndicated on Trek Radio and air in a regular timeslot for the most recent episodes.

* The G&T Show - Wednesdays, starting at Midnight PT / 3am ET
* Podcast UGC - Sundays, starting at 6am PT / 9am ET
* Priority One Podcast - Tuesdays, starting at 5am PT / 8am ET
* STOked Show - Tuesdays, starting at 3am PT / 6am ET

=/\= Archived Podcasts

=/\= All Things Trek
On Demand:
Description: Oren, Grace and Deyvid talk Trek topics.

=/\= Andrew and Oliver Play - STO
On Demand: YouTube Channel -
Description: Andrew and Oliver Will be putting out 2-3 episodes a week and playing through all the Cryptic Content (Beginning with the Federation).
Each episode will focus on a different mission as they progress through the Story, except for the Tutorial which takes us slightly longer with Character Creation etc.
Andrew is a new player (and Silver F2P'er) so we'll be getting both perspectives (Gold and Silver).

=/\= Bazag Stabs
On Demand:
Description: A foundry podcast for authors using STO's User Generated Content tool.

=/\= Captain's Log
Listen live: Recorded only - no schedule - check the YouTube channel for updates
On demand:
Description: Captain's Log is a weekly Vidcast hosted by Chris aka RachelGarret and covers, Star Trek news, video games, and related stuff.

=/\= Deck Eight
On demand:
Description: A British Podcast on the network, dedicated to bring you everything STO.

=/\= DrivetimeUGC
Description: An audio podcast supplement to fill in the gaps between episodes of PrimetimeUGC by Cerberus Films and

=/\= Foundry Files
On demand: - New episodes are now part of the Stoked Show
Description: Foundry Files is a videocast dedicated to the Foundry toolset, primarily focusing on Star Trek Online. This show focuses on reviewing missions made by players using an advanced scoring system to pick apart what really shines through in a mission, and what could use improvement. Tune in to find missions to play each week with discussions and news coverage on the toolset itself.

=/\= PrimetimeUGC
On Demand: Later in the week from
Description: It's a Foundry Podcast, all Foundry made in Foundry for Foundry players and authors alike.

=/\= "On Screen!"
On demand:
Description: "On Screen!" is a quarterly community video show about current events in Star Trek Online and is hosted by Brandon (AKA "BranFlakes"), Community Manager for STO, and Whit (AKA "CaptainKikii").

=/\= Red Shirt Army Podcast
Download: from or watch from
Description: Over 18s only. Podcast talks about current STO events and news and also a little bit about other games they play.

=/\= STOked
Cancelled - Watch past episodes at

=/\= Stoked Show
The STOked Show is currently off the air but is expected to return later in 2015.
[S]Listen live: Saturdays 1100 PT / 1400 ET / 1900 UK
Live from : LiveStream ( or and on Trek Radio[/S]
On Demand : From LiveStream or from iTunes
Syndication: Wednesdays on Trek Radio at 5am PT / 8am ET (
Description: STOked which was produced by Jupiter Broadcasting came to a close.
Stoked Show (previously known as STOked Radio) with the support of the fans, community and Jupiter Force Fleet members, has come together to return to full video production.
Questions, comments, and suggestions should be directed at or via Twitter @STOkedShow

=/\= STO World
On Demand: YouTube
Description: A YouTube channel where you'll find STO tutorials for new players and reviews.

=/\= Treked
Listen live: Recorded only
On Demand : Fridays on
Description: Discussions on new tribble test content to the masses and about the game in general. Currently pre-recorded only.

LLAP =/\=
View all STO related podcasts by visiting the STO forum thread via: http://stoPodcasts.Info - - - MidNiteShadow7 "at"
Volunteer Community Moderator for the Star Trek Online forums
My views may not represent those of Cryptic Studios or Perfect World Entertainment
If you wish to speak to someone on the community team, file a community support ticket here, as we are not able to respond to PMs regarding moderation inquiries.

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