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# 1 Account Linking FAQ
06-20-2012, 10:47 AM
((Please also check out this FAQ -- we'll be updating it as more questions come in:

We've just launched the new Star Trek Online website, so now's a great chance to link your account to access both PWE and Cryptic options. Linking your accounts will make it faster to log into all your favorite games, and easier to link up with your friends in other games.

Read on below for an overview of how to link accounts and what the benefits are.

How do I link my accounts?

Navigate to, and login. This will take you through the linking flow. Be sure to select the correct radio button for your account type.

Why are we linking accounts?

By linking your Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic accounts, you will enjoy a more streamlined process in accessing your information and logging into your favorite games. Doing so will also allow the friends you play with to find you more easily in other titles.

How do I purchase ZEN?

Navigate to our billing page You'll be able to purchase ZEN in a number of ways, including prepaid ZEN cards, credit cards and PayPal.

How do I transfer ZEN to a server?
When you buy ZEN, it gets added to your wallet, which you can view at From there, you'll be able to select which game, then which server you want to transfer ZEN to.

What if I don't want to link?

Account linking will soon be non-optional. If you have a Cryptic account and link now, you can claim a special item in Star Trek Online. Also, the sooner you link, the better chance you have of getting your preferred account name and display name.

What about my Cryptic Points?

Cryptic points currently on your account will remain on your account - you won't lose them, but you can only use them in Star Trek Online or Champions Online. Once you've linked your account, you can take advantage of the many payment options to purchase Zen.

What if I don't have a PWE account?

The linking flow will walk you through creating one. Chances are, we've even reserved your account name and @handle.

What if I don't have a Cryptic account?

That's okay. When you login to the Star Trek Online or Champions Online website with your PWE account, we'll grant your account the proper credentials to play all Cryptic games. You won't have to do anything except maybe choose an @handle.

Why are the boxes red? It won't let me have my account name/@handle!

Couple things to check:

1. You can't have the same acount name and display name in the PWE system. If yours are the same, decide if you'd rather it be your login or your public name, and pick something else for the one you care less about.

2. If they're not the same, it's possible that one or the other is already taken in the PWE system, and you'll need to select something else.

It won't let me have my email address!

If it says your email address is already in the system, try recovering your PW login name and password here:

What are the Privacy and Data Protection Policies?

The protection of your privacy and personal information is very important to us. Please visit our Privacy Policy page to learn more about how we safeguard your account information.

But I only get 80 CP for every 100 Zen!

The Zen to CP conversion rate is the the same as the cash to CP conversion rate. Zen is $1 : 100 Zen. CP is $1 : 80 CP. You'll receive the same number of CP you always did for the same dollar price.
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# 2
06-20-2012, 10:52 AM
There's one issue with PWE accounts; if you accidentally enter in more or less than the 6-12 characters when resetting passwords, it doesn't tell you that there's an error and will reset it as such.

This unfortunately means you won't actually be able to login with that password because it tells you that you've entered in the information incorrectly.

This happened to me earlier and was extremely frustrating until I found the error.
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# 3
06-20-2012, 11:10 AM
Please answer this question:

Can I buy points for other players, like with the old Cryptic points cards?

Thank you.
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# 4
06-20-2012, 11:12 AM
What happens if / when PWE and Cryptic split? Will it be like the Atari / Cryptic split, or more complicated?
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# 5
06-20-2012, 11:12 AM
this does not say is this Your account needs to be at least one week old your new pwe acount. and have a Your account needs to be at least one week old and have
a character at least level 10
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# 6
06-20-2012, 11:13 AM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
What if I don't have a PWE account?

The linking flow will walk you through creating one. Chances are, we've even reserved your account name and @handle.

Hold on, hold on. Is there a CHANCE that you reserved my @handle and since I made my PWE account and THEN linked it, I was the one who was blocking my using my own handle? If so, how I can I find out? Is that why The Grand Nagus lost his fairly unique one? PLEASE find out and let us know.

Please. This would go a long way to fixing the nerdrage being felt on the forums right now.
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# 7
06-20-2012, 11:14 AM
Argh. The real reasons to hate this change too much? Talking directly about the problems.

1- I don't get my reward. No signal in any point of the C-store. How get this, because my PW account and my Crypt account **never** get the reward.

2 - All C-points in the website are gone. If I use my crypt account is here, but I can't buy anything from the website. And no one says if my Crypt account is safe yet.

3 - The worse thing in the PW settings: You can't choose or change later your facebook account to be associated with the PW website. I opened a ticket months ago and I have no answer yet.

4 - I can't transfer my toons to any test server, because the account link don't accept or don't find my toons in the holodeck, and don't permit to transfer to other place.

5 - My whole STO account are gone in the website of STO, i can't find any toon, test server subscription or any signal on any STO or PW accounts.

6 - You can't "unlink" your account to correct this whole mess.

7 - The PW don't give any support. I already opened a Ticket but I receve no word about all problems.

8 - I have a Champions Online account. Now I can lost this too because the PW account link?

9 - Anyone of Staff can confirm if my Crypt account is safe for any erase or something like that caused by this whole mess caused of the PW account links?

10 - The Gold and the Lifetime accounts lost all rewards related with the forum and the veteran rewards?

11 - STO website don't find my toons.
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# 8
06-20-2012, 11:16 AM
I changed my name and it is reflected on the forums but not in-game. When will this change be reflected in game?
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# 9
06-20-2012, 11:19 AM
The rewards haven't vanished as far as I can tell. It still lists the correct number of days that I have been subscribed for, so that shouldn't be affected. And I checked in the Cryptic Store and my CP are still there. They just can't be viewed from My Account anymore, which is kind of silly. So as much of a pain as this change is, at least our subscription days haven't changed.
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# 10
06-20-2012, 11:20 AM
Updated with more answers, plus a link at the top to where we'll be answering more.


Brandon =/\=

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