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# 1 T5 Nova
06-20-2012, 10:47 PM
Right, I need something to distract me from the sadness that is the the new forum, and the fact that until week's end (at earliest) I can't buy the Armitage or anything else in the C Store due to some problems with my debit card.

So, going off of the assumption that they will eventually make a tier 5 Nova (which is admittedly not certain and something I don't really want to discuss right now) what would you recommend for its special console?

The Thunderchild had the point defense turret while the Armitage has the photon defense turret, so maybe some T5 Nova only varient of the Photonic Displacement? Perhaps one that duplicates a bit more seamlessly, (and noticeably for PvP) letting you attack from just below the projection. (Because, of course, being close with return fire would only matter with torpedoes, and even then only if it had a timed fuse rather than impact detonation they normally have)

Or, you know, it could be something closer to the Photonic Fleet, how about a console that lets you project a hologram of the Ody (and about as powerful as the 3 from photonic fleet combined) once every three minutes?

I don't want to suggest it has to be something photonic, I'm just extrapolating from the current example of the Akira. Plus, you know, not sure what other science-y powers you could run with.

You could also run with the whole Equinox thing, give it a console that effects speed somehow. Though that one seems less likely as there is already a similar one for both in combat and other stuff to boost sector space speed.

A console to make Tyken's Rifts (or Gravity Wells, though that one could be OP) that latch onto the target and follow them to a limited extent, making them harder to escape?

Or how about something like how Lt. Burke of the Equinox beamed the field emitter device right off of Voyager? Say a power similar to Viral Matrix, but done via transporter and with different effects - disabling projectile weapons only, but for twice as long, that sort of thing.

Another bit of inspiration from the same incident, but less spectacular - a console giving a passive power making things like boarding parties much less effective (like the modular force fields used against the 'spirits of good fortune')

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