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Originally Posted by drogyn1701 View Post
ST, that mission you're referencing is actually fine according to the EULA. As long as you do not use the likenesses of the actors, you can use the characters. I.E. you can have Barcley in your mission, but he can't look like Dwight Shultz.
It has been my experience, they are all fine with the EULA, until a lawyer gets involved. LoL Then nothing else matters except getting that bullet proof butt shield on tight.

Seriously though, I don't think you can make up a character who "looks like" a real living person in this game. Costuming is top notch for this MMO but still very limited.

For example, I just played a Farscape mission today, it was well done for a rough, but his characters will never look even 80% like the crew of Farscape. It would be a shame to run rough-shod on all the missions like that one. He is just trying to be creative with the tools at hand.

My position is, do what you can until someone yells foul. None of my missions will ever need the likeness of Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. But then again, it would be hard to prove who they are unless I blatantly called them by name. If I was in Cryptic's shoes, I would be more worried about the possible content or theme of a mission more over than who the characters may or may not look like.

Meanwhile have fun, it is a game. Stop jumping on the furniture!! :tongue:
-Wendy Black

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