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Starfleet Special Weapons And Tactics is a Federation/Romulan (for Romulans aligned with Starfleet) fleet and is seeking out new life and new officers that enjoy playing STO tactically.

We are committed to having fun and being totally immersed in the Star Trek Online universe.

While we have rules and ranks that follow Star Trek, we are overall a laid back community looking to enjoy our time spent in STO. Also we enjoy helping others out in anyway possible. So if you don't like to laugh and have a good time , this community may not be for you.

As our name states, while in STO we play through the episodes tactically and in general enjoy playing through them at a slower pace and move together as a team. We are committed to PvE and achieving the best equipment the game has to offer.

Head on over to our forums and transmit your application (it's really small, simply to get basic info, character names and what not) or you can send a tell in game to either:

myself Fleet Admiral Mike (@CptMike86)
Admiral O'Neill (@SG_Oneill)
Captain Trey (@seaway2)

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