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06-21-2012, 04:53 PM
As the subject suggests, I recently was lucky enough to pick up a Galor Ship. I've decided to build a new Cardassian Federation character dedicated to the ship.
I did something similar with mine, including Cardassian Doff and Boff Crew.

I?ve been flying mine as a tac and haven?t regretted it. It?s very maneuverable, has lots of weapon slots and a nice boff and console setup.

I usually use 2x Tac, 2x Eng, 1x Sci Boff setup.

Tac1: TT - BO
Tac2: TT - HY - BO

Eng1: E2W - E2S - RSP - AB
Eng2: ENT - EPS

Sci: HE

I sacrificed TSS for Hazard Emitters, as I tend to get plasma fire quite often in STFs. Downside is that there can be a bit of a power drain and that I have 3 EP skills.

A lot of people will probably stone me to death for this, but I wanted this ship to feel like a galor from the series. Keep the Spiral Waves and no green Disruptors. Hence 3 Spiral & Photons in the Front, 1 Spiral, 2 Phasers, 1 Photon in the rear. With turn rate of almost 20-24 deg. you can broadside and alternate your front/rear torps. Imho it?s one of the few cruisers which can actually profit from an RCS console.

I have another Galor sitting in it?s package on my main char, but I haven?t decided if 2 more spiral waves are worth 60 mil. each. :/

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