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06-21-2012, 04:55 PM
To those of you who agree, I acknowledge your responses. You all make VERY valid points. The website was fine. In fact it was very flashy in the way a game site should be. Now it's just another website and the lack of customization with avatars and everything else makes it that much more dull and grey.

Which brings me to the lot of you who disagree. If I had to guess, you're the guy who voted for someone in the hopes that you would never have to work again. That we were all going to be equals and all them rich guys who actually do work were going to get their dues and owe you the money you for some reason deserve, right? Just like all of us Gold players and lifers owe you respect for some reason, right? Cause we're somehow equals now? WRONG!!! The join date is important because it shows who's been around a while. It's there so you can ask those who have been playing for advice and to ask what life was like before PWE. We're basically the elders of STO and when we see our forum display a join date of June 2012, that's basically taking someone's service record and tossing it into a fire pit. We spent long hours playing this game and giving suggestions to help tweak it. Oh yes, believe it or not there was a time when your suggestions were actually heard and made a difference. Example: I suggested a challenge mode for PvP. Basically you could fly up to anyone and challenge them in combat. It didn't come out the EXACT way I suggested, which was to be expected, but a PvP challenge mode was released. Ever since this PWE takeover it's been a slow transition into how can PWE squeeze money out of the players. This game did not need that. It was doing fine on its own. And don't tell me otherwise. Atari's collapse was because Atari failed as a company. If it was Cryptic that failed, the servers would have been shut down. Is that a better alternate? With each passing day under PWE's rule, I'm starting to think it is
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