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06-21-2012, 07:32 PM
Originally Posted by suricatta View Post
Hang on, wasn't this just added to the test server today? How can it all ready be set up to go onto the live server when it's not even been on the test server long enough to even vaguely see if it all works?

I know you have no control over things like this Brandon, but why do the dev's even bother with the test servers if they don't use them to actually test stuff before it hits the live server... *sigh*
c'mon now you should know they don't test anything more than 24 hours when it goes to holodeck

when we getting no win
season 6 read the blogs on these and you would know that
still no star base then for the Fleets
SEASON 6 starbases have not even hit tribble yet so no starbases for holodeck till july some time

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