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06-22-2012, 04:18 AM
Not too long ago was playing KASE with a PuG - an Odyssey, a Sovereign, a Galaxy-X and a Varanus. I was flying my T5 Sao Paulo.

I all went pretty well until the transformers on the first gate went boom - The Sovereign class was dealing with probes that had appeared from the oposite gate and everyone else had started firing on the gateway. Needless to say this wound up with six probes making their way toward the dreaded transwarp gate of no return.

Everyone else being preoccupied with their attempt to destroy the first gate, and the Sovereign still busy owning the oposite gate's probes, I decided to deal with the 'new' spawn and flew at them - swooped down on them with antiproton cannons blazing, slammed some torpedoes into them and then activated my point-defense console to finish the job.

Not really a big deal, since they were only probes, but was nonetheless proud that I had put a stop to six probes singlehanded.

Optional passed, mission passed and despite the end-of-mission loot being underwhelming, still had a blast!

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