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Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
No worries. And darn it.. my Signature was fine.. and I had to go and try to put in my Join date.. not that I can find it.. >.< Found my Champions Online join date as being 04-29-2009 But I know I don't think I got into the STO forums that early.. Bleh.. :frown:
I could not find mine either. I did find that I was active for 866 days and used maths to guestimate my join date. Do you have any clue how bad I am with maths? Lucky I did not end up with a join date from about the time for the invention of the wheel.
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Want to PvP? Want to like to PvP? There is one lesson you should learn... and learn fast:

In PvP, players die!

Sounds obvious? Sounds simple? Trust me, it's not! In PvE, you have fun when something dies, and you don't have fun when you die yourself. If you go into PvP with this philosophy, you will hate it!

In PvP, you will die more than you will kill. this is a fact. (unless you make your way into the top 5 players). Learning to embrace death will give you peace of mind. Know that in some matches, your impact will be negligable. Your chances of making a difference marginal. Your respawn button frequent.

Find a way to enjoy such matches too, or at least to tolerate and accept them. It will save you a lot of pain, and you won't have to buy a new keyboard after smashing your old one!

Also, remember that some players, when working together, can achieve a level of skill that is beyond comprehension. This is to be expected. Teamplay is extremely powerful in STO. It doesnt necessarily mean that they have different gear/abilities than you, just that they know all the little things and synchronize perfectly.

And remember, if everything else fails, BraceForImpact+EvasiveManeuvers+RammingSPEED!!!
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06-22-2012, 05:24 AM
here ya go kilawpilath Sep 2008 - google cache to the rescue


found by searching the following

kilawpilath site:startrekonline.com

then picking cached option from the site preview on the right.

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Originally Posted by eiledon View Post
here ya go kilawpilath Sep 2008 - google cache to the rescue


found by searching the following

kilawpilath site:startrekonline.com

then picking cached option from the site preview on the right.
You Google-fu is superior to mine.

April! See I am terribad at maths.
If you are a pickle in a pickle jar you know every pickle's different, sort of, but really they're all just pickles...
They taste the same.
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I noticed you said you are an engineer in an oddy, OP and that you are new, and seem quite enthusiastic to learn about pvp.


So the above link is a link to my Cruiser Thread. It's probably the most comprehensive cruiser build thread on these forums, and if I may be so bold, it's the best one on the forums as well.
I wrote it, just for guys like you, guys eager to learn and just got that addiction known as pvp.

In the thread you'll find a myriad of subjects covered by myself and a host of other players. (who helped me not only through their various inputs over the course of the thread, but also by being my test subjects over the last couple of years) Things from Ability Tray Layouts, to Doffs, to Skill Specializations, to Ship Loadouts.

While I have not covered -everything- yet, chances are there is something in this thread that will appeal to you. Also, you don't have to try to search the thread all at once, there is a table of contents post, that gives you ready links to everything (it's linked towards the end of my original post)

I do need to get around to copy and pasting all of the info though, since with the PWE forum migration I can no longer edit and update my table of contents, which means eventually, there will be a ton of links that I can't put in the TOC. In the mean time however, enjoy!

And I am glad to see a new face in pvp, that wants to learn and enjoys the game
Also join the organizedpvp channel. Click the little people icon on the bottom right corner of your chat box, click chat settings, open the channels tab, and type in OrganizedPVP in the "join/create" spot then click join. You'll find people to pvp with, or get help from.

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Originally Posted by shanksboy View Post
Hi Captains,

This is my first post and i thought i had better write one after my first venture into PVP.

So i run an engi odyssey and i have been getting bored of running STF's all the time so i thought lets try pvp. I played two games, one arena and the second was capture and hold.

First game i thought not bad our team lost 15-13 but i enjoyed it. My healing was the highest of both teams and i thought yup this is wot an engi should be doing. Then came capture and hold..we were decimated, didnt get 1 cap and i was being ripped to shreds. The game finished and i ususally say my customary good game in chat to everyone, but this time i didnt i went a bit further. I said good game and added that it was my first time trying it. Left the game then i got a private message..."here we go" i thought, im going to recieve some msg like learn to play the game, your a noob etc etc.

Well i was pleasently suprised by the message as it was from someone on the other side congratulating on a good game and if i need any tips just ask. So i did...cut a long story short for thenext hour he helped go through my build and explain stuff like stacking consolest and doff powers to utilize my carrier to be a real force..His name was "Beiber" and he was part of the sad panda cubs (i believe).

So i would like to say a big THANK YOU to him and to all other players who take the time to help other fellow captains out and to show there are some really decent ppl on this game, not morons who constantly complain and abuse other players (STF).

So THANK YOU for the time and you sir are a gentleman and a scholar......thanks

This is a prime example of what happens then STFers come over to PVP..and why PvP is said to be "dying" (PvP is not dying..Skill within the community is dying). First of all theres no "Skill" involved on STFs not to mention very little teamwork, so its not that hard to run a Elite in mediocre gear. Problem is people do them religiously get macked out in STF gear with STF builds and a STF mindset then come to PvP and get Schooled then get all mad. surprisingly the OP seemed to of handled it well.

And as a Engi cruiser such as the OP..hopefully u got the Operations Ody as it is hands down the best both offensively and defensively..and the only real place for an engi in this game (not much use for engis in STO atm) is to grab as much aggro as possible and to tank/heal.
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Players > NPC AI

always remember the You will Die rule...

... there is always the Respawn button!
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Welcome to STO pvp! It's good you got something useful out of your first matches, and better that you enjoyed it. Your attitude is excellent and will get you far into the reaches of higher end pvp after some time.

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welcome to STO PVP!

if you have gotten cruiser advice from bieber, then you have gotten advice from one of, if not the best, cruiser pilot in the game.

the pandas are always around to knock builds around, and have fun killing bad guys! we host an open ventrillo to all who seek good company, and good gaming.

mav posted a link above about cruiser builds, i highly suggest that read.

but as its been stated before, the learning curve is steep, but the gameplay experience at the top is one of the best any mmo has to offer. (this is because of the awesome community mostly)

so again, welcome, i look forward to targeting you!

have fun, kill bad guys

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06-22-2012, 01:22 PM
I like the positive story. It's so easy to let the relatively few bad experiences over shadow anything else. Thanks for sharing. And for being open minded.
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May not actually be "way" cooler or even "slightly" cooler.

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