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# 1 Tactical Officer Odyssey Build
06-22-2012, 07:07 AM
Just got my triple pack of Odyssey Cruisers today at last. I'm flying a tactical officer at the minute and I'm trying to find a way to get a decent amount of tanking out of it, whilst giving a decent punch at the same time.

Weapons etc are to be confirmed on exact flavour but at the minute I'm tending to think the science variant as I believe the Sensor Analysis to give a better potential effect on my damage compared to the third tactical console slot. The addition of extra slots elsewhere in the build helps too.

I'm currently toying with the following:

Universal Lt. Comm (Tactical): TT1, APB1, BO3
Universal Ens (Sci): HE1
Tactical Lieutenant: FAW1, FAW2
Engineering Commander: EPtW1, EPtW2, RSP2, DEM3
Science Lieutenant: SciT1, TSS2

Weapons are all beam arrays, with the exception of a single Tricobalt Mine launcher to give me a little punch in STFs that don't depend on my turn circle.

Console wise I'm running the Odyssey Set for the extra turn and defensive bonuses. I've got EPS conduits filling my engineering slots, Shield Emitter consoles in science, and phaser consoles.

I'm grinding up to the MACO set at the minute, but the Defl, Eng, and Shields are all pretty standard MK XI Purples for now.

Any thoughts or input greatly appreciated.

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