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Players can join the Distress Signal global channel in game by pressing Esc, clicking 'Chat Settings' (or by right clicking on top of their chat box to access chat settings), then selecting the 'Channels' tab, followed by typing in Distress Signal and finally clicking join.

This channel's topic is ROLEPLAY; for characters, ships and fleet starbases in distress, and also for out of character general gameplay help on the Live server (Holodeck)... Please do not be rude, insult others, spam, troll or go off topic, thank you.

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This channel has 0112 members at present.

If you wish to gain admin or operator privileges for this channel, please ask.

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  1. How to use this channel:

    • Channel Topic: ROLEPLAY for characters, ships and fleet starbases in distress and general gameplay help, any discussion on this topic is cool, any discussion not on this topic is not cool.

    • Primary Topic: At any time when you feel you require assistance, no matter which faction you're apart of, simply use this channel to send a distress signal in an RP format, for example "This is the [Ship Name], we're in [Insert Situation], requesting assistance in [Insert System/Sector Block]." and then send a team invite to the player who responds to your distress signal so that they can join you in your mission. This is most helpful when playing on the Elite difficulty setting.

    • Auxiliary Topic: Alternatively the channel can be used to provide general help to others, give tips, advice, etc...

  2. Channel Notes:

    • Recommended Channel Colour: D2 which is a light red, you can change a custom channel's colour via Chat Settings, under the "Tabs" tab.

    • Also Foundry authors are very welcome to create missions specifically for this type of scenario, for this channel, and players are welcome to suggest player authored missions to use via this channel.

    • Post Season 6 "Under Siege" it will be possible for your fleet starbase to come under attack, in which case you can send out a distress signal via this channel for assistance. It will be possible for non-fleet members to be invited to new fleet actions, in which case if required a distress signal can be sent out.

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