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# 11 Excelsiors
06-22-2012, 05:16 PM
Public Service Announcement The Excelsior is a tac ship first and foremost. while there used to be sci Excelsiors that would work fairly well, due to just how laughably bad Target Subsystems has become it's really not an option anymore. Engies can just skip this post as you'll never crit enough or hard enough to really roll this one effectively in a Team.

And now we move on to the Excelsior. Step one? Acquire 3 SNB Doffs to **** everyone off Nah I kid.. okay only half kidding there.

There's several good options for an Excelsior build, the ships viability in Premade PvP is debatable, outside of a couple of specialized teams, but there are places for this dps friendly ship, most of my setups here are going to be DPS, or Control oriented sometimes both. There's only going to be a couple with any kind of heal focus to them.

Maco Shield. Omega Deflector, Omega Engine. Or Maco Shield, Borg Deflector, Borg Engine.

Consoles, RCS, SIF Generators 2r, Armor of your choice (anything but Monotanium)

Sci Field Emitter, Borg
Tac. Energy.

Preferred Armament, Tetryon/Polaron. (as you'll be using a Tet glider anyway. Might as well make the most out of those skill points)

The Cannon Excelsior, this one was really popular back in the day. The reason? The Excelsiors god like turn rate, and more importantly almost Escort levels of Inertia. The ship can stop on a dime, making for some really shockingly effective uses of Evasive Maneuvers. There's at least two variations that I've tried both worked fairly well. There is another good one earlier in this thread (I'll link to that post after I write this post)

The first one I list is also decent for extra crowd control and can be subbed in for that second escort on a team.
Power Setting, 90 Weapon Power, 60 Shield Power, 25 engine, 25 aux.

Armament, 4 Single Barrel Cannons 4 Turrets.

CmdR Warp Plasma 3, Extend shields2, EPTS2, EPTW1. Alternate: DEM3, ASIF2, ETPS2, EPTW1

Lt Cmdr, Cannon Rapid Fire 2, Attack Pattern Beta1, Tac Team Variant, Cannon Scatter Volley2, APB1, Tac Team.

Lt Eng, EPTW1, ET2 Variant, EPTW1, EPTS2 Alt Variant, EPTW1 and Aux to Dampeners.

Ens Eng, EPTS1. Variant ET1

Lt Sci. Transfer Shield Strength1, Transfer Shield strength2,
Variant, Sci Team 1, TSS2. Alternate Variant Hazard Emitters1, Transfer Shields 2.

Doffs, I'd strongly consider, the Warp Plasma Doff that adds an immobilize to your warp plas. Get as high quality of one as you can afford. (I can't remember if you can stack multiples of these or not if so, get one more)
Maintenance Doff... the one that reduces Team ability cool downs. Get 2 of these blue or better preferably. (till they change it... if they change it)
For your final doffs, Shield Distribution officers. (the brace for impact shield healers) as many as you have slots for.

and 3 BFI Shield Distribution doffs.

This ship is highly mobile as it is the omega shield, and RCS make it even more so. Throw in the warp plasma which will inevitably slow or stop targets with APB and rapid fire 2 cranking means there will be a ton of pressure applied to a given target. The Tetryon Glider will further assist in shield removal which adds even more pressure.

The other variant that I used is covered in the Variant, save for the cmdr spot being rounded out with DEM3.

The DBB Boat. This one is a more heavy dps variant on the Cannon Excelsior. This one utilizes either FAW or Beam Overload to get the job done. It's abit more difficult ship to position about, but it's forward arc is devastating. You will want to tweak your power settings here to max out those evil DBBs.

Power Setting, 90 Weapon Power, 60 Shield Power, 25 engine, 25 aux. Alternate settings, 60 weapon, 90 Shield Power, 25, 25. Tertiary, 75 Weapon, 25 shields, 75 Engines, 25 aux.

Armament, 4 Dual Beam Banks. Yeah you read that right. 4 of them. 4 Turrets. This is surprisingly energy efficient, and the ship is agile enough that with practice and proper implementation of warp plasma you'll be hosing people down pretty well. This ship also takes place of a second Escort.

Cmdr EPTW1, EPTS2, ASIF2/Extend Shiels2, Warp Plasma 3 Variant EPTW1, EPTS2, DEM2, Warp Plasma
Lt Cmdr Tac Team, FAW2, Beam Overload 3, Variant, Tac Team, Beam Overload 2, FAW3.
Lt Eng, EPTW1, Aux to Damp, Variant, EPTW1 ET2
Ens Eng EPTS1

Sci TSS1, Tss2 Variant A, Sci Team Transfer Shield Strength2 , Variant B Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2.

It flies quite abit like the Cannon Excelsior, only with a considerably stronger forward strike, for a significant loss on broadside dps. Think of this ship like a mounted knight on horse back armed with a lance. Everything in the front of this thing is going to feel the pain. Anything to the sides? not so much. Fly it accordingly plan your moves, so that your DBBs will always land on a target, or secondary target when possible on your straight charges so you hose the target in the opening volleys, hit it with warp plasma, and aim the ship towards the second, rinse and repeat on your turn inevitable turn around to the primary.

The Death Blossom and Deadly Broadside Excelsior.
Power Settings. 90 Weapon, 60 Shields, 25 engine 25 aux.
Armament, 6 Beam Arrays (4 Aft 2 For), 2 DBBs. This keeps your weapon power high, gives you spam clearing versatility, and gives you that oh so lovely insta gib crit potential with Bo3/2.
Secondary Armament, 7 Beam Arrays (4 aft 3 Fore, 1 DBB)

Cmdr, DEM3, Extend Shields2 or EPTS3 (EPTS3 is an alternate for solo play only.. like kerrat. please don't use this in the ques), EPTS2, EPTW1
LT Cmdr, Beam Overload 3, Attack Pattern Beta 2, Tac Team.
Alternate, FAW3, Attack Pattern beta 2, Tac Team.
Tertiary Alternate Beam Overload 3, Beam Overload 2, Tac Team. And last alternate, FAW3, Beam Overload2, Tac Team.

Lt Eng. EPTW1, EPTS2 (if Extends 2), ET2 (if EPTS3)
Ens Eng, ET1 or EPTA1

Lt Sci. Transfer Shields 1 and 2. Alt Sci Team1, TSS2. Tertiary Hazard 1, Transfer shields 2.

Doffs, , 3 Brace For Impact shield distribution doffs. Last 2 Purple Conn Officers.

Devices for all of these, Weapon batteries, Shield Batteries, Subspace Field mod, and Team Weapon Batteries.

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