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# 1 Bugs of Season 6
06-23-2012, 03:36 AM
1) the consoles at the KDF academy for the lore question & to receive the lore data chip do not have a interacting button, there is the icon that show that you can but no button to interact with.

2) not sure what this fleet event was called but it is the one where you have to escort the transports to the way points then defend the starbase and other facilities the KDF were with feds and could not engage the enemy but could attack the starbase and heal the enemy attacking and or the starbase, also after I left that particular event I was still hearing the VO out in sector space mainly in Eta Eridani but it might have happen in other areas in sector space as well that was the only area I was in that I heard it.

more to come as I test through out the weekend


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