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06-23-2012, 06:38 AM
They made this **** new Forum and i lost all my posts... back to 7 maybe now they made it harder to go from the english to german part of forum. Because of them my Ingame Acc has an other name now then the forum ...
.. have to buy Zen now and make CP out of it ...
and so on

Free to Play sucks
PWE even more
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06-23-2012, 06:43 AM

read page 3 about Cryptic being discontinued due to being divested from atari. For the lazy I have pulled out the important bit in this image Cryptic Key Financial Data which shows for FY 10/11 Cryptic made a full year loss of Euro 6.2million, for the previous year FY 09/10 the loss was Euro 19.4million. So yes they made more money in 10/11, but not looks to be too little too late for Atari.

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06-23-2012, 06:44 AM
ive seen an improvement in quality.

the work done to improve the game for free to play with the calendar system, the journal, the improved task forces really helped the game.

new ships and locations look as beautiful as anything we have seen before. the last FE had a tone of VO and cutscenes and new tech. the alpha mission went over very well. there has been events, ships or content updates almost every week in some form or another. the borg ground invasion is a great zone. the doff system is brilliant. pvp is finally being worked on

the game is totally free to play, and you can even trade dilithium for c-points so of course there will be a trade off. really think about that. the whole game is free and anything can be earned for free. thats pretty awesome. yes the limit is a pain but you can even get round that with multiple characters. the harder you work the better you will be.

ok there have been some mistakes. lock boxes and time gated content have not gone over well (although their metrics seem to support them by all accounts) but they seem to be learning. the doff/lock box combo are proving popular. they are addressing the time gate thing and season 6 is looking very nice on tribble.

the dev team has doubled which is vital to the future and that should really start to pay off as soon as they are all trained and up to speed.

I know the forums mess and lock boxes (which are not just a PW thing as everyone seems to be getting in on the act) have soured peoples views but the devs are still the devs. they have a decent sized team and seem to be getting good funding. the game is only going to get better.

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06-23-2012, 06:47 AM
Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
I know the forums mess and lock boxes (which are not just a PW thing as everyone seems to be getting in on the act) have soured peoples views but the devs are still the devs. they have a decent sized team and seem to be getting good funding. the game is only going to get better.
And I think the lockboxes will be phased out eventually, Doff-pack bonuses seem to be the way of the future.
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06-23-2012, 06:48 AM
Originally Posted by januhull View Post
I don't see how the game is going downhill at all.

As far as PWE's management thus far, lets consider:

1) The Feds got a carrier...something more than a few of us have wanted since Day 1, and that Cryptic was very adamant against.

2) New content IS being added. The Featured series were a nice idea, but if the ROI isn't paying out, go on ahead and find one that does work. That's just good business sense.

3) The F2P system does not, IN ANY WAY, restrict silver players from ANY mission content in the game, period. I've seen a number of other IPs gate their quest/mission content behind pay to play walls, and if you think these little lockboxes are a money grab, you ain't seen jack.

4) Not every bit of new gear bling is gated behind pay to play. The Vault STF with the Reman sets, the Defera Invasion zone and its gear sets, the Borg STFs... You have to work to earn them, often repeating instances more times than your sanity wants to remember, but welcome to MMOs. Grinding is part of the experience.

5) About the lockbox lottery ships, let's consider them for a bit. The Jem-bug, the Galor, the Marauder, and the Freighter. None of these ships are in ANY way end all be all, must have or the game's unwinnable, types of ships. Not one. They're unique, they're expensive, but not one is in any way the "One ship to rule them all". No one ever said they have to satisfy anyone's sense of entitlement to have every toy in the box.

6) About the lockboxes in general. If you don't like them, DISPOSE OF THEM. I really don't get all the grouching about them. The damned things are purely voluntary, and nothing in them is in any way necessary to participate fully in the game. So if they bother you that much, then leave'em on the field... Don't pick them up, don't roll for them in STFs, just ignore the fact that they exist and get on with your life.

Seriously, what has PWE done since January that's really made our lives in game all that bloody miserable? I don't get it.
Lockboxes as a content choice don't bother me. Lockboxes and the way loot spawns in space and ground, however, greatly disappoints me. Regardless of container type, its so anti-immersive to me to have stuff spawn like that. I have often thought that there should be wreckage from space combat that our starships could scan for finding loot. Same deal on the ground, give those awesome Tricorders a job scanning bodies(no loot for vaporize, sorry).

My Idea for a lockbox; first its not in a box, its wreckage, second it tells you what it is when you scan it(no more lottery) and third the cost is in C-points that is paid when(if)you decide to beam the loot aboard.
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06-23-2012, 06:55 AM
Nah, it was already going downhill long before pwe got involved. Don't think it's too bad ATM though.
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06-23-2012, 06:56 AM
going down hill? picking up speed! MOMENTUM
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06-23-2012, 06:58 AM
it's amazing how many chicken littles come out when things change. it has ever been the way. anyway I am out of here. pointless discussion is pointless.

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06-23-2012, 06:59 AM
While I have some big problems with lockboxes and packs with the gambling, I don't like this forum functionality, and I am exhaustedly unhappy about the state of KDF...

STO is the best game of its kind, it has a lot of cool features, great material, and a lot of good/smart design decisions.

There's a lot of room for improvement, but some of the improvements seem to be things that we can reasonably expect -- I expect they will make some improvements to PvP, add content (slowly), and so on.

While I loathe the gambling, it's certainly lucrative (which is why people DO IT), so I don't expect that to change.

Also, personally, I've put in some rather odd requests/tickets to PWE that I totally didn't expect any activity on, and PWE not only answered them promptly but went above and beyond what I ever expected them to do for me.

So at least in MY experience, PWE has been one of the more responsive/helpful ticket experiences I've had in MMOs. (Granted, my experience with MMO customer service has generally been abysmal)

In short, I think STO is a great game and gotten better overall, and I also think the PWE acquisition is, on the whole, a good thing for Cryptic.
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06-23-2012, 07:03 AM
Additional thought:
While I loathe gambling in my beloved Star Trek, I vastly prefer doff packs simply because they are more inobtrusive.

I still think it's gambling and sucks unfortunate people into bad decisions, but at least I'm not tripping over lockboxes and getting constant popups DO YOU WANT TO ROLL ON BLARGLEFLARGLE BOX NEED/GREED/PASS in a STF when I really need to be focussing on killing stuff a lot.

So I appreciate at the very least the QOL aspect of doff packs (and presumably other packs in the future -- I can imagine all sorts of other fun grab-bags of stuff).
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