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It don't bother me. I like it as it is very similar to the shows and movies. They did the same thing, but the game your pulling out your weapon more often. I just did one mission where you had to go past the patrolling ships and beam down. You had to go slow to keep from being spotted and go into a nebula. That was different then coming in with weapons firing. I could just blow them to the stars, but decided to go the route to sneak in. This is the best game so far for a Trek game. And I love it as I been a Trek fan for years.

I have done that game where you go "Kill # of animals, people or collect # of items" And like the npc could done that, or why I'm doing this. This game is seems more realistic as your officers keep you informed and help you on the missions. And so many variables on each mission too.
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Originally Posted by Archived Post View Post
I agree. Who wants to send their toon our to fly to said star system and have to wait two or three days to get there before the action starts?
That's what Duty Officers are for, dammit!
I'm just here to kill Borg. :biggrin:

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